A Grand Adventure-Book 7.

[Shadow’s view of things]

We were all at G.U.N HQ. “So what’s the reason you brought us all here?” Sonic asked.

The Commander cleared his throat. “Our satellite’s radar is picking up strange signals, but we have no idea what they are.”

“And where do we come in?”

“We were hoping one of you could figure it out.” He finished.

“See what we can do.” Sonic looked at Silver, winter and Tails.

“Let’s have a look.” Winter said. The information, which look like nothing of great importance to me appeared on the big screen.

“What is that?” Rogue asked her.

“Whatever it is it isn’t a radar signal…looks more like a code….” She replied.

“I would take forever to crack it…even with everyone in this room working on it!” Silver exclaimed.

I had been feeling weird since this morning. I walked out of the room to get my head together. It felt like the room was shaking, like there was a category five earthquake. My heart was racing. I inhaled deeply. A hand touched mine, without thinking my finger linked with them.

“What’s wrong Shadow?” Winter asked in a low whisper. I didn’t answer, just exhaled. She sighed. She let go of my hand and started to walk away. I grabbed her arm.

“… …Don’t go….” I managed.


As we stood there in silence I realized how beautiful she was. Her calm brown eye sparkled. She giggled when she realized I was staring at her. My face was red hot with embracement, I smile awkwardly. I had forgotten about the feeling-until I thought about it, ‘jinxed it’ I sighed.

[Silver’s view of things]

Tails and I had tried every decoding trick we know. “Arg! That code in uncrack able!” I screamed outside the building. I wasn’t angry, just frustrated. Tails’ tails flicked up and down. I ran my hand through my quills that stuck up.

“Come on Silver, we have a challenge…something to do.” Tails said optimistically.

‘Yeah, for the rest of our natural lives!’ I thought.

“Hey guys you’re not going to believe who’s here to help us!” Knuckles called.

“Who?” We both asked.

“Eggman.” He finished.

 [Knuckles’ view of things]

Ok, I knew why Winter, Silver, Tails, Rouge and Shadow were here, the last two worked here and the first three can crack codes…but what about Sonic and I, why were we here? We couldn’t be any help, at all.

I had thought about-more than once-bringing up the matter about the Commander telling all of us what to do, like we were all G.U.N agents, but I didn’t. Rouge and the Commander were in deep conversation. “You can complain to the Commander about bossing you around ya know.” Sonic joked.

“I had already thought about it.” I replied.

“That’s an order…agent Rogue!” The Commander suddenly raised his voice.

“Yes, sir.” Rouge grumbled. She stormed over.

“Hehe…you’re on your own Knux.” Sonic said awkwardly, walking away.

‘What?! Get back here, you, you, you little-’ “What’s up Rogue?” Before she could answer my question, my purpose for being here walked in. ‘Eggman?! What is Eggman doing here?!?!’ The Commander and Eggman shook hands. ‘What’s going on here? This is the man who was leading the group of x-G.U.N agents that tried to kill him, and now, they’re shaking hands like nothing happened?!?!’

“Hey Knuckles.” Eggman waved as he walked by, toward the computer to have a look at the code.

‘Hehe…DID HE JUST “HEY” ME?!’ I growled. I didn’t take my eyes off of him, not for a second.

“Knuckles, could you go get Tails and Silver?” The Commander asked. I walked slowly outside the room.

“I’m not one of your agents.” I mumbled. He didn’t hear me. I grabbed Shadow’s badge just in case I need to open a door. I saw the two of them right outside the building. “Hey guys, guess who’s here to help.” I called.

“Who?” The both asked heading over.

“Eggman.” I finished. They both took a step back.

“Oh, good one Knuckles-it is a joke right?” Silver begged. I shook my heads. Tails got in between Silver and I. The three of us walked into the room. Sonic walked over.

“Great isn’t it, I think the room is starting to smell like eggs.” He groaned. We all gave him a look. Suddenly the badge was snatched from my hand, I turned.

“What are you doing with my badge, Mr. ‘Oh, I left my G.U.N badge at home’?!” Shadow asked. Sonic held in a laugh. Winter had already noticed Eggman.

“What the heck?” She looked at us.

“All the Commander’s idea.” I raised my heads in innocence.

Shadow face palmed, groaning. “Of all the stupid thing Abraham’s pulled off this falls between, pissing me off, and the mission of 2009.”

‘I think it’s stupider than all of those things.’ Eggman walked over to use. ‘Lunatic doctor coming this way, run for your lives!’

“So can you help?” The Commander asked.

‘Help in what? Helping crack the code or helping in the overthrow of this organization?’