Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice… :o …Why!?

SEGA!!!! Ah, Sonic Boom. Well, it’s all over right, I mean that was in 2013, it’s over…right?

NO! No! Good ol’ Sega is making a third Boom game. *Sarcastically* Yeah.  It’s going to be…hell!!! The game is going to be bad!

So, that was the trailer. What do you get when you get fire and ice? You get some water and steam, oh, and a horrible Sonic game!

imagesM69SRBA5  You know Sega, there is a reason people like the classic games the most. There was no gimmick, or plot on the side, or catch, it was just a cool blue hedgehog running fast!! Why is that so hard to get?! WHY?! WHY CAN’T YOU MAKE A GOOD SONIC GAME?! WHYYY?!

S-Sorry, I got cared away there. Hehe.

So anyway, it’s for the 3DS…yeah, it’s a sequel to Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal. ‘The better Boom game.’

images That is the face I will give anybody who dares say that! That’s like saying ‘which is better, Sonic 3D blast or Sonic 3D Blast?’! It’s pretty much the same game, only Amy is playable this time…oh yay. And you can play with fire and ice, and there are giant boss fights, (Sega stop ripping things out of Mario, it never ends well), and a new villain-yup that’s right, Lyric only lasted two games before he was killed by Shadow and Sonic. Which makes them murderers-great, oh well, who liked Lyric anyway?

For all you poor souls that first sonic game was a boom game I will tell you this. Spinoff game, not really a Sonic game. You’ll must likely never play a good sonic game, sadly, but believe me when I say this, Sonic was cool and great at a time, he really was.

Now, the question people have been asking for a while, is Sonic in another dark age? Yes. as much as it hurts me, he is. Sega doesn’t know what to do!! Sega is desperate! You can see it. I have a word of advice for Sega. “LIVE AND LEARN!!!” It’s the name of one of the Sonic Songs for goodness sakes!! Let the Sonic Boom cannon go. So what the tv show is booming…get it booming…


…moving on. The tv show is doing great, lots of poor kids with damaged brain cells are waking up at 5:59 to watch Sonic Boom on Saturday. So what?! So what, Sega?! The games didn’t do so great, why make another?! Do then understand how much damage it has done to Sonic? I mean, come on, everyone is starting to draw away from Sonic! I don’t blame them, he’s games are horrible.

*Talking to self* Oh but you should give it a chance and be optimistic. Yeah, because I was so optimistic about the Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric game, and look what I have to show for it, a game that is at the level of 06 to must people! I mean, even the demo is broken! I kept falling through the floor on the only fast parts of the game, and I would start at the beginning and my bro would keep running leaving me behind, then I’d get warp for that stupid little cutscene of them jumping off.

So should you buy the game like the trailer says to, it’s too soon to say but my answer right now is, NO! Not on your life.

P.S Please no cursing in the comments, thank you. 🙂