A Grand Adventure-Book 7. Part 10.

[Shadow’s view of things]

Winter was going try to send a message to the others, and take down the ship’s defenses, I was going to take care of Black Death. “Remember, stay out of sight, I won’t be there to help you.” I reminded her.

“I’ll be fine….”

We ran off. Doom’s Eye found me. “Shadow, you owe this planet and its people nothing.”

“And I don’t owe you anything either!” I growled.

“Shadow…I didn’t want it to go down this way, but you leave me no choice.” I could feel him trying to get control over me, it was painful to resist but I have to, I have to. “You can’t escape Doom’s Eye!” Images flashed through my head.

“Stop. Stop.” I moaned.

“Stop resisting, the more you resist the more it will hurt.” He answered softly. I started to think of all the people I would hurt if I stopped resisting. Sonic. Tails. Silver. Rogue. Omega. Knuckles. Winter. Ab. Everyone….

“Get out…of…MY HEAD!” I screamed. “I’m going to kill you and stop you just like I did Black Doom!” Doom’s Eye flew off, looked like he was in a hurry. I ran into the room Death was in.

“Shadow, this is your end!” I dodged the attack, which was mostly what I was doing. Running in a crooked path so I was less likely to get hit. This went on for a while. “Chaos-!”

‘Run!!’ I dove behind a wall. I looked, he was angry. I sighed. I took of the inhibitor rings on my wrists.

“I will not be defeated by you, not like Black Doom. I will win! I will harvest this planet!”

“You’re right, it took my super form to defeat him, but you-Chaos Blast!”

[Black Death’s view of things]

“-I’m going to kill you and stop you, just like I did Black Doom-!”  He screamed.

“Doom’s Eye, just Eclipse off this ship, now!” I ordered. Suddenly Shadow busted in. “Shadow this is the end of you!” I attacked him, but he kept dodging running is a zig-zag and I could hit him. “Chaos-!” He dove behind a wall. I was very angry, I couldn’t loss, not like my predecessor. “I will not be defeated by you, not like Black Doom. I will win! I will harvest this planet!”

“You’re right.” He began smugly. “It took my super form to defeat Black Doom, by you-Chaos Blast!”

It was over, I had lost.

[Winter’s view of things]

I had shut down the ships defenses, which, had its consequences. ‘Get out the room, get out the room!’ I slammed the door behind me, and froze the door handle. ‘Good-bye mindless devils.’ I grinned to myself.

Eclipse grabbed my arm. I turned. His eyes glowed with anger, he hand squeezing. I groaned. “You’re friend killed my leader, now, he has to pay, he-ah! Cold!”

“Don’t ever, ever, EVER, touch me!” I growled. He looked at me.

“You’re arm, it’s-!”

“Solid ice, yeah, I know!” I chuckled. “Now, if you don’t mind I have to go.” I ran off. ‘If he were controlled by the mind hive-yes, I know his name but it’s too stupid to say-he would be dead as well, but he isn’t.’

I ran to the main room. “Winter, you need to get off the ship.” He said.

“Let’s go then.” I answered, putting emphasis in “let’s.”

“Go, I’ll be right behind you.”

“Shadow, they’re going to fire and soon, come on let’s get off this ship, now!”

“Go, come on Winter, I’m an ultimate lifeform, I’ll make it.”

“If you don’t make it-.”

“I’ll make it, promise.” He said softly.

I raced off. ‘Ultimate pain is more like it.’ I stopped for a minute, but then kept going. “Guys!” I called.

“Winter!” I smiled.

“You’re all right.” Silver cheered. I nodded.

“But where’s Shadow?” Sonic asked. I turned too looked at the ship. Boom! The ship exploded.

‘Shadow!’ My mind screamed. A pain rushed through me when I didn’t see him, I didn’t see him.

“Something must be wrong with my vision, for I do not see Shadow.” Omega stated. Suddenly Shadow appeared, gasping, hands on his knees. We all sighed and chuckled.

“Why?” I asked him, trying to sound angry.

“What?” He asked.

“Why with the dramatic entrances?”

“Cause it’s fun.” I punched him. He smiled. ‘What a…JERK! What a jerk, what a jerk.’


[Sonic’s view of things]

The Black Arms just fell to the ground, lifeless. “They did it.” The Commander sighed.

“The mind hive must be dead.” Tails laughed. We were about to break out the beers and the hugs-

“Guys!” We all turned.


She smiled. “You’re all right.” Silver cheered. She nodded.

“But where’s Shadow?” I asked. She turned too looked at the ship. Boom! The ship exploded. “That had better not have been the Commander who just blasted that ship with SHADOW STILL INSIDE!!’

“Something must be wrong with my vision, for I do not see Shadow.” Omega stated. Suddenly Shadow appeared. We all sighed and chuckled.

“He’s a jerk.” Knuckles whispered to me.

“Yeah he is…but I think that what we like about him.” I admitted.

“Yeah, I think you’re right.” Suddenly we all turned to Eggman.

“Um…got to go feed my…um-cats-that it, so yeah…see ya!” He tried to run.

[Knuckles’ view of things]

“He’s a jerk.” Was all I said when Shadow appeared AFTER the ship BLEW UP! After a little while we all turned to Eggman.

“Um…got to go feed my…um-cats-that it, so ya see ya!” He tried to run. “Backup, NOW!”

“Hey guys, been a while.” A voice laughed. I groaned. It was Power. He fired at use…Eggman got away-bla, bla, bla-now to the only truly hilarious thing that has appeared all day…Shadow…hit Power…in the back of the head…with a……metal beam! A METAL BEAM for goodness sake.

“Oh goodness, Shadow?!” Rouge looked at him.

“What I knocked him out, just the fun way, what’s so wrong with that?”

“Rouge it’s alright. He’s my brother-sadly-and I don’t mind.” Winter said.

‘Loved how she added sadly in the middle of a sentence with his name in it, could this day get any better?’


Sure, of course the day could get better, and-for once-it did! But only the day did. “Why did you only wish for a day, Knuckles?!”

“Sorry! I didn’t even think that one day would come true!”



A Grand Adventure-Book 7. Part 9.

[Winter’s view of things]

Shadow hadn’t really answered my question. He pulled me into a room and shut the door. I sank to the ground, muscles aching. “What was that?” I repeated.

“A paralytic gas.” He replied. I looked at him, he didn’t looked at me. I knew he was blaming himself.

“Shadow, you know none of this is your fault.”

He sighed, sitting down. “I know, but it feels like it is.” He finally looked at me. His red eyes sad.

“So how are we going to stop them?”

“How I’m going to stop them you mean.” I looked at him. “Come on this is a mess I have to fix on my own.”

“Where does it say that-so what will happen if you have so help, the world will come to an end-?”

He chuckled. “Fine, we’re going to stop them.”

“So what’s the plan, Shadow?” I grinned.

[Rogue’s view of things]

The shield was failing, no matter how much power we put into it. “Get ready to fight.” Abraham ordered.

“You three get to the back.” I said to Tails, Silver and Eggman.

“Incoming!” An agent called. Black Arms stormed in.

“Come on, just die!” Knuckles hissed. I looked back, Silver was fighting off some Black Arms that had going by.

“Silver!” Tails warned.

“Thanks Tails.”

“Sir, sir, the ship’s defense systems are down, we can shoot ‘em out of the sky!” We all turned.

“You can’t, Shadow and Winter are on that ship!” I declared.

“How do you know?” Abraham asked.

“The defense systems are down-hello-what else explains it other than those to on the ship?!” I answered.

“Sir, if we don’t do something now, it might be too late later.”

“If they’re on the ship they could destroy it from the inside, and come out alive! But if you shoot it you’ll kill them to!” Sonic said, containing his anger.

‘Come on, do the right thing.’

A Grand Adventure-Book 7. Part 8.

[Tails’ view of things]

Silver and I were sitting next to Rogue. “Do you think Shadow and Winter are alright?” Silver asked.

“I don’t know, but I think they are.” Rogue answered, playing with her fingers. I had completely forgotten they weren’t here! ‘Hehe-what, a lots happened! Esh. Like you wouldn’t!’ Omega ran in.

“The shield is failing, repeat, the shield is failing…prepare for attack!” He informed/warned.

“Come on, let’s try to boost it!” Silver said, getting up. I ran after him.

“Convert all unnecessary power to that shield.” The Commander ordered. Silver, I, and two other technicians got to work.

[Shadow’s view of things]

I fought my way to the door. I stopped in front of the door, afraid of what I might find on the other side. “Shadow, Shadow!” I heard Winter calling from the other side.

“Oh Shadow, we know you’re listening…” Eclipse sang. “Why don’t you come join the party?”

“Hey, I’m who you want. Why drag her into this?” I called.

“Come on, don’t you want to know what’s going on?”

My head starting ringing, the same way it did when Black Doom was messing with it, which meant Black Death was in there. I decided to see if there was another way in. On the third wall of the room there was a long window, but it was covered, I couldn’t see inside.

“Shadow! Don’t keep us waiting!” He sounded impatient. “Why does everything have to be this way?” He said it so quietly I almost didn’t hear him. “You’d better hope she’s a good fighter, because if you don’t walk through that door NOW some Black Arms will!” He threatened. I opened the doors and walked in. Black Death was guarding Winter. “See sir, I told you he has a weakness.”

“Alright, now leave her alone!”

“See Shadow, you, well you’re hopeless, but her, she can be persuaded and be a huge help in the harvesting of this planet.” He paused. “But, it seems I’ve been using the wrong tone with her.” Suddenly, a large amount of Black Arms surrounded me. “I think everyone in this room knows not even Shadow can defeat all these Black Arms, so Winter, this is how it’s going to work, I’ll call them off…if you help us.”

“Don’t do it!” I yelled. The Black Arms moved closer.

“Alright, just call them off.” Winter whispered. Black Death let her go, Eclipse smiled smugly at me. I watched her as she walked toward the surveillance screens. She looked at me for a second. “Chaos Freeze!” Icicles rained down on the Blacks Arms. Winter grabbed my hand a nearly dragged me out of the room and down the hallway. I let go off her hand. “What?” She asked.

I was breathing hard. “They didn’t hurt you did they?” She shook her head. “Ok, let’s keep moving.” We started running down the hall.

“Shadow…what is that?” I looked back. Gas was filling up the hallways.

“Keep running!” I yelled. The both of us ran faster and faster, but the gas was still getting closer and closer.

A Grand Adventure-Book 7. Part 7.

[Shadow’s view of things]

Eclipse had attacked me. “Where is she?” I growled. He didn’t answer. “Where is she?!”

“You’ll have to beat it out of me.” He snarled. “This is for locking me up in that room.” I went flying hitting the ground.

‘I really got him angry, not as angry as he got me.’ “As much as I’d like to kick your butt-Chaos Control-I need to stop another invasion.” I ran off and opened every door in that super, unrealistically long hallway. Finally, they was at sign of her. On the last door of the hallway, on the nob was a little bit of ice, but the room was empty. ‘Where is she?’

[Winter’s view of things]

I was in what seemed to be the main control room. The only way out was through a door, which was being guarded by Black Arms. “As you can see, Shadow isn’t going to help us, but you could.”

“I could, but I won’t, so don’t waste your time.” I replied.

“You know, that energy inside you is much like ours, I could help you master it.”

“And what makes you think I haven’t?!” I retorted. He turned to me.

“What makes you think you have?”  I didn’t answer, not because he had a point, no, because I didn’t have anything to say. Eclipse ran in through the door.

“Shadow’s headed this way! He’s trying to stop the invasion!” He warned. They began to speak intensely. I looked around for a way out…or, a place to hide.

[Knuckles’ view of things]

I sank down to my knees, breathing hard. Sonic laughed wryly beside me. I looked toward Eggman, wasn’t causing any trouble. “Think the shield will hold?” One agent asked his friend.

“It better, I don’t know if we can take another wave like that, I mean look what happened last time, we were almost destroyed!” His bud replied.

‘Yeah, let’s not remember what happened last time.’

A Grand Adventure-Book 7. Part 6.

[Winter’s view of things]

I was looking for the door. I was knocking on the walls looking for a hollow spot. Solid knock after solid knock my heart started beating faster, I became more desperate.

Just when I was about to give up hope, I heard a hollow knock. Not that it helped much, because it looked like the door only opened for the outside. ‘Great…I’m stuck here…of all the times I couldn’t use my powers, why does this have to be one.’

So now, the only thing I could do was wait.

[Eclipse’s view of things]

 I walked back into the room Shadow was locked in. I couldn’t see him anywhere. “What?!” I started looking around.

“Have fun!”

I turned. “NO!” Shadow closed the door. He was out, and I was locked in. “This was going to be harder than I thought.” I banged on the door until one of the Black Arms opened it. I ran to the room Black Death was in, which was at the center of the New Black Comet. “Shadow is loose.” I panted. Black Death turned to me.

“Do you still think you can convince him?! I told you he wouldn’t! All units, destroy Shadow!” I knew he was right, but…I still felt like it was wrong. “And you, he is probably looking for her, so show him the way.” I nodded and ran off. The moment I walked into the room she stood up.

“Your friend is out.” I stated. She looked at me. “Now, we both know where he’s going…” I paused. She knew what was going to happen, I could see it in her face, her eyes, the fear, the worry. Two Black Arms walked in. She started taking a few steps back.

“Chaos Shield!” A shield of pure Chaos Energy formed around her. I couldn’t believe this. She was also Chaos Fueled?!

“You know, I’m trying really hard NOT to get Shadow killed!” I began. She looked at me. “I’m trying to get him to join our side, but if that doesn’t work Black Death will intervene, and I’m sure you know what he’ll do.” The Black Arms had backed off.

“Eclipse!” I turned around stiffly.

“Haha, sir…hi…” He gave me a stern look. Shadow is headed this way.” He turned to Winter, she was still protected in her shield.

“We have had a change of plans, Shadow is hopeless…her on the other hand can still be persuaded.”

[Eggman’s view of things]

The Black Arms were going to get in, we could all tell. The walls already had cracks. We were each being give a gas mask. “Once they come we’ll hit them with all we got, holding them back until you three can get the shield up.”

“You mean they had a shield and didn’t put it up before?!” I hear Silver whisper to Tails.

“It takes time for it to power up, so we better get to work now.” Tails answered. The three of us walked toward the computer to get to work. My hand were sweaty. Silver fumbled on the keys. He closed his eyes and inhaled deeply, his hands got steadier. Suddenly there was an explosion, the heat from the blast against my back.

“Keep going guys!” Sonic called. My heart began to race.

“Gas!” Knuckles warned. For some reason even though I knew I had the gas make on I felt like I need to stop breathing so I wouldn’t be paralyzed by the gasses.

“The shields up!” I yelled.

“Great, now what about the one that are still inside?!” Rogue called, diving into one of them. I turned, a Black arm was charging at me.

“Look out!” Silver got in front of me and put up a wall. He looked at me. “I still hate you.”

I could help but laugh a little.

A Grand Adventure-Book 7. Part 5.

*[Shadow’s view of things]

“You had better not of hurt her.”

“Esh. What makes you think I would do that? If it because I’m a Black Arm then that’s-what’s the word you use, ah yes- that’s racist!” He nearly exclaimed.

“Not if it’s true.”

“Well, brother, it isn’t true, she’s fine for now…but she won’t be if you do not help us.” He said calmly.

“First, I’m not your brother, second you leave her out of these, and third, I’m never going to help you!” I growled.

“You’d be surprised what caring for somebody can do.” I charged at him. He swatted me into a wall. “I was made to destroy you, Shadow! I’m am the Black Arms version of you! Only better! Gerald, thinks he created the ultimate lifeform, but he didn’t. I am an Ultimate lifeform Shadow.” He paused. I looked at him.

“Sure. Believe their lies.”

“Lies?! Shadow, you don’t belong on that planet, with those weaklings, this is your home and your people.”

“That planet and those weaklings are my home and my people, my friends!” I yelled, punching him in the gut.

“They’re all going to die, but you will not, then what, huh? Then you’ll no longer have your friends.” He looked at me. “Sonic, Rouge, Omega…Silver, they’ll all be dead sooner or later.” I kicked him in the head. He smiled wickedly. “We already have troops on the ground, it will not be long before we start what we came here to do.” He walked out of the room.

[Black Death’s view of things]

“You have disobeyed my orders!” I boomed.

“Sir, yes, I know, but if we could get Shadow on our side, these would be a lot easier.”

“Did you forget that Shadow killed Black Doom, his own father?! And destroyed the Old Black Comet? He isn’t going to our side!”

“But then he had no weakness, but times have changes, now he has two.” Eclipse grinned. I looked at him.

“Do whatever you think will work…Eclipse…if I see this isn’t working I will intervene.” He nodded. “We will not be defeated by a traitor!”

[Sonic’s view of things]

We were barricading the doors and boarding up the windows and vents. The Black Arms were trying to get in. Silver was using his telekinesis to bring over the things that were too heavy…like metal beams and things like that. When that was finished we all sit down on the floor or chairs to watch the Blacks Arms trying to get in.

‘Please don’t come in, please don’t come in!’

[Silver’s view of things]

I was sitting on the floor next to Tails. We were both watching the Black Arms charge at the door and walls. The building rattled. Every time my heart stopped beating, I felt like the building was going to fall.

Omega was guarding the doors. I inhaled deeply. “We’ll be fine. This building is pretty strong.” Tails whispered.

“I’m supposed to be reassuring you.” I answered. He looked at me. He words sounded hopeful, but his eyes told a different story.

‘Please don’t break in, please don’t!’

A Grand Adventure Book 7. Part 4.

Sonic’s view of things]

‘Black Arms. Why’d it have to be the Black Arms?’ My body shook with fear. The last time these things were here, we got introduced to paralytic gasses, and what alien harvest means. It took almost half a year to recover from everything, and know…they’re back?!

Silver was lucky. He didn’t know what was going on, but he was also unlucky, because by the end of the day, he would. Silver looked at me. “We will be fine.”

“I’m more worried about Winter and Shadow. The Commander locked them out!” He sounded kidda angry. He took a long pause. “So what do they do?”

‘He’s only fourteen, should he know this-what the heck, and I’m fifteen for goodness sakes.’ “They…eat us…for energy.” He looked at me. He sat down on the floor with his back on the wall.

I groaned. He looked just like me when they were here for the first time. You know, that city never did recover, had to be destroyed.

[Eggman’s view of things]

‘Why?! The last time these things were here they nearly destroyed my empire, and instead of doing something, the room full of the world’s heroes were just going into lock down?! Aren’t they going do something?’

Tails was sitting in a chair closing the ventilation system. I wondered how long this building’s safety procedures will last. And to make things even worst, these aliens ruined my plan! I was going to hack into the system and take over the building and everything, but no, or course aliens appear out of nowhere.

I looked at the screen, the Black Arms weren’t trying to get in, not yet.

[Winter’s view of things]

I was trying to find a way out. I was on their space ship which they called the “New Black Comet.” They had knocked Shadow out cold.

‘I have to get out of here!’

I had no idea where they had taken him but I was going to find him, if I ever got out of this room. I wasn’t using any of my powers, I didn’t want them to know, if they knew they’d try to get me on their side and I really didn’t want to deal with the troubles that came with it.

Eclipse walked in after what felt like hours. “Well, you’re not claustrophobic.”

“Where’s Shadow?”

He sighed. “Really, I can’t tell you!! But rest assured that he is fine, angry but fine.” I looked at him. He wasn’t like the others, he didn’t seem to be control by the mind hive.

“You’re not controlled by the mind hive, are you?”

He looked at me like I had just solved a thousand year old cold case. “How would you know this, you only just encountered our race?”


He started walking toward me. I started taking a few steps back. He stared at me with his snake like eyes. “You know, there’s something I just can’t figure out, why?” He turned his heads sideways stepping closer. “Why? Why does Shadow seem to care so much for you, that he’d let himself get capture?” Fear was rushing through me like it was the air I was breathing. “It doesn’t matter why, because we can use it to our advantage.”

‘I hate being the D.I.D, but…as much as I hate even thinking this, that’s what I need to keep playing.’

“Anything you’d like me to tell Shadow?”

“To kick your alien butt.” I answered.

“Oh, and no, I’m not control by the mind hive.” He walked out the door.