What?! College?! Ha! Is it even worth it? I mean with the student debt thing going on most kids’ college degrees are worthless. Sure, with good grades or playing a sport I can get a scholarship, but then I’d have to join a team…and, well, get good grades.

Not even to mention, finding one, applying, making friends, signing up for classes, all the studying, and planning and late nights, and part-time jobs. <Groaning> For me that’s not that bad, I mean I love to read, and write…I have a blog for crying out loud. But the math…hehe…I’m good at math I know that, but it isn’t my favorite subject, and the ironic part of all this is I want to be an engineer! <Sighing> Oh, am I in for the craziest coaster ride in the history of coaster rides. (No need to go to Coney Island).

But even though this sounds like the end of the world…it isn’t…just a mid-life crises.

College!!! Yes, it is worth it kids, it is worth it, because without going to college you’ll be a janitor cleaning the bathrooms of a hotel.
And you wouldn’t want to be there? Would you? ‘Cause that is worst then a mid-life crisis, hehe…a lot worst.
I thought so. So kids here some advice…always, ALWAYS go to school and never, NEVER skip a class. And all you wanna be engineers out there, you had better love math, or…welcome to Mathy Island!