A Cross-Over like No Other-Book 6. Part 9.

[Power’s view of things]

I was in the shadows, waiting, waiting for my opportunity. The base bursting into flames wasn’t really the opportunity I was waiting for, but I wasn’t going to waist it. They were looking for their friends-friendship, a great weakness-so I snuck to the plane that was parked near the hole in the side of the cliff.

I knew nothing about planes so I spent five minutes looking for the opening for the engine! I looked with greedy at the Sky Blue Chaos Crystal. I grabbed it and pulled it out of its place. “Hello.” I whispered. I turned to go-

“Power!” I turned and groaned.

“I’m only going to borrow it…forever!” I replied.

“Put the Crystal back, and you can keep your pride.”

“If you want is so bad, come and get it.” Somebody spin-dashed me from behind.

“Don’t mind if we do.” Sonic laughed. I growled. He chuckled. I fired a wave at him.

“Chaos Shield.”

‘Darn her Chaos Powers!’ I stopped, there was no point nothing could get through that shield-unless. “Chaos Control.” I whispered. I appeared behind Sonic and grabbed him around the neck.

“Winter.” He croaked. She turned. I took a step back, pulling him with me.

“Think about what you do, or he might just pay for it. Now, give me the Chaos Crystal.”

“Let him go first.” She ordered.

“Gezz, you never did trust me did you?” I asked.

“I did. But that trust was broken long time ago.” She replied. For a reason unknown to me what she had just said hurt me, like I wished I hadn’t broken her trust.

“I’ll let him go, just give me the Chaos Crystal.” I repeated. I could feel Sonic shaking his head. I knew she would give it to me to save her friend, which is one of the reasons friendship is a weakness.

“Here you go.” She said, handing it to me. I smiled.

“Nice doing business with you.” I let her friend go, as I promised. “Chaos Control.”

[Lyric’s view of things]

Just because the base is nothing more than a pile of rubble doesn’t mean that the plan is ruined. We were waiting for Power to show with the final Chaos Crystal, at the shrine. We didn’t know much about the place, but Power did, I mean it was where he grew up! Power came running over. The last Chaos Crystal in his hand. “All set?” I asked Eggman. He nodded. “Let’s get this started.” I ordered.

Power stopped. Eggman and Bowser looked at him. “I just remembered something…you’re not going to like…” he hesitated. “Only the current guardian can use their dark energy to unlock the Crystals’ evil purposes.”

“Alright, let’s go home, there isn’t any way in all of Mobius and beyond that she would ever do such a thing.” I complained.

“Hold on…let’s try something, we all worked to get his done, we can’t just quite now.” Eggman began. We all looked at him. “Power you her brother for goodness! Think of something.”

“Eggman, Lyric’s right, it would be a waste of time a resources.” He answered. “But…I’ll try.” Eggman beamed. I gave Power a look of utter disbelief. “But I’ll need the reminder of Bowser’s army to back me up, also whatever you two have left.”