A Cross-Over like No Other-Book 6. Part 8.

[Knuckles’ view of things]

When we got through the hole in the side of the cliff and into the village, it was hell! “It’s about time you guys showed.” Shadow said to me.

“Alright, Rouge we are here.” I informed. “And it’s a party.”

“Oh, Knuckles don’t make this harder than it already is!” She whined. I snickered. “Ok, you and Tails are going to get Sonic out.”

“I thought Blaze was on that.”

“The Doc’s got Sonic is some energy field or force field…something, and she don’t know how to disable it.” She explained.

“Fine, Knuckles missing all the fun, again.” I sighed. “Come on Tails, we got work to do.” The two of us went, unseen, into the base. We ran down the hall. “Wow. Is Eggman building cooler stuff, or is it just me?”

“Yeah, he is.” Sonic answered. “Now, GET ME OUT OF THIS THING!” He seemed restless.

“Ok Sonic, just calm down.” Tails said, looking at the computer screen.

“Ok fine.” He said, voice even.

‘How does he do that? Change his voice so quickly? I mean he sounded pissed a few minutes ago…and now…like nothing is going on! Sheesh!’ Tails looked at me. I walked over, knowing something was wrong. “What? What’s wrong?”

“Well…it can’t be shut down by a computer…it’s like nothing I’ve ever seen.” He whispered.

“Well, can’t you figure it out?”

“That would take time, time we probably don’t have.” He paused. “Winter.”

“Tails know isn’t a good time.”

“I know but…um…I can’t get Sonic freed…he’s in some force field and it can’t be shut down by computer.”

She didn’t answer right away. “You’ll need to make an energy wave…” the explosion of another dead robot soul. “…at the same frequency, so you disrupt the field long enough for Mr. Speed to get out.”

“Like fighting fire with fire.” I commented.

“Yeah, sort of. A Chaos Emerald could be used.”

“Well then, I guess it is a good thing you snuck one of those Chaos Emeralds from Silver.” I laughed.

“Wait…Eggman was bragging about that fact that he had the seven Chaos Emeralds about an hour ago. How does Silver have them?” Sonic asked. We looked him then at the purple Chaos Emerald in Tails’ hand.

‘How…? There’s no why Eggman would be bluffing, not about this…so…how?’

“We can wonder after we get out of here.” Blaze finally said, taking the Chaos Emerald from Tails.

“Sonic will need to use Chaos Control, since he is in the center of the field.” Winter added.

“Oh great. How am I supposed to do that?” Sonic groaned. Trying to move his hands. Then I had an idea.

[Mario’s view of things]

There we more enemies than I could count! I had gotten oh, about 1,000 1-ups!! I was getting bored with just jumping on Goombas and Koopas and Shy Guys’ heads. Then I saw it, the most beautiful thing here. The Blue Baby Yoshis. I grabbed on and began to shake. Bubbles filled the air, swallowing the enemies turning them into coins and ice flowers. The robot turned to me.

“What is the name of that weapon? And what do I not have one?!” He asked.

“This my metallic buddy, is a Baby Yoshi.” I replied. “And it is a living thing, used as a weapon.”

“So are Shadow, and Winter, and Metal Sonic and myself.” He reason. I didn’t answer. He kidda had a good point. Elsa froze a robot, about to blast at me.

“You and Winter…” She nodded.

[Shadow’s view of things]

Winter was nowhere to be seen. I was busy fight a robot. I looked around. I didn’t even see Power. I kept telling myself not to worry but, “Rogue, have any idea where Winter is?”

“… …She should be close by, why?”

“Don’t worry about it.” I looked around. Destroying anything that got in my way. She was talking to somebody at first I thought it was herself but then I realized she was talking to Tails. The conversation was soon over. “What was that about?”

“Oh, how to get Sonic out, turns out Eggman has gotten a little more creative in his weapon making.” She turned to me. “He build a force field or something like it, which wouldn’t be so weird, only that is isn’t controlled by computer. So we have no idea where the energy is coming from, or how he is keeping it stable.”

I looked at her. ‘So Eggman finally realized he has an IQ of 300 and is using it? Well, it’s about time.’ “Well, how are they going to get him out?”

“Chaos Emerald.” Suddenly there was an explosion, and the base went into flame. The other’s ran over.

“Where are they?” Elsa asked.

“I don’t see them.” Luigi answered. A Mech emerged from the smoke.

“Come on, another one?!” Winter groaned. The glass dome was covered in ash so we could see Eggman. Omega was getting ready to fire.

“Hold you fire.” I ordered him. The doom slid open.

“Ug! How can Eggman be in this thing?!” Knuckles jumped down. “Alright guys you can come out now.” The Mech hands prided open and Blaze, Tails, and Sonic climbed down.

“How did you get that Mech?” Elsa asked.

“It was Knuckles’.” Sonic said. Putting his hand on Knuckles’ shoulder.

“It isn’t that hard, all you have to do is get in without being seen, type in Eggman, and get the hang of the controls.” Knuckles answered.

“Where’s good ol’ Power? You’d think he’d be here.” Tails said. Winter looked at me.

“Wait, did Eggman mention the Chaos Crystals to you?” I asked Sonic.

“Well, duhh! When doesn’t he ever?” He replied.

“How many does he have?”

“Six, he is still looking for the last one-oh, snap-the last is in the Tornado!” Sonic had caught on. Winter ran full speed back to where the Tornado had been park. “Well, what are we waiting for?” He asked, running after her.