A Cross-Over like No Other-Book 6. Part 4.

[Sonic’s view of things]

The first thing that came to my head when I saw them was, ‘How are they going to get home?’ We were already trying to find a way from Blaze to get home, and now…them? Rouge stepped aside. I stood next to her. I could hear the conversation.

“Eggman is attacking, and we are of need of your assistance.”

“Ok, we’re on our way.” She replied. She turned to me. Shadow walked over.

“What’s up?” He asked.

“Eggman’s attacking.” I replied.

“Tails and I’ll get Knuckles, Mario, Anna, Luigi, Kristoff, and Sven can stay with Blaze.” He answered. We nodded. He ran to the hut to grab an ear piece.

“Blaze, we’re going to stop Eggman, but you’re going to stay here with them.” I informed.

“Oh come on!”

“Blaze we need somebody to defend for them if they are attack, we’re trusting you.” I continued. She sighed and nodded.


Winter, Elsa, Silver, Rogue, and I ran off. When we reach the location, it looked like all hell had broken loose! “Ok, let’s finish this.” Winter whispered. We all ran off. I rammed into some robots, and spin-dashed into others, things were going pretty well, until.

“Haha, got ya!” Eggman laughed, as his Mech’s metallic hand grabbed me. I struggled to break free. The Mech was pushing the air out of my lunges. It threw me to the ground. The little air that I still had rushed out on the impact, I gasped for air. I tried to stand but had no balance due to lack off air. The Mech grabbed me again. Eggman was laughing, evilly.

‘How…am… … …’ I couldn’t even think. My lungs were screaming for air. The Mech threw me to the ground again. My vision was starting to fuzz. The Mech was going to grab me, I rolled to my left.

“You’re not escaping that easily!” Eggman exclaimed.

[Elsa’s view of things]

I had destroy a couple robots by now. The others seemed like they were having fun, lots of it. Soon, all the robots were taken care of. “Hey, has anyone seen Sonic?” Silver asked. We all shook our heads.

There was no signs of him anywhere. Then, Shadow, Tails, and Knuckles arrived. “…Where’s Sonic?” Knuckles asked. We all shrugged. “You don’t think…Eggman…”

We all looked at each other. “Eggman’s robots are getting harder…” Winter answered. We all had the same thought at the same time.

‘Is Sonic captured?’

[Tails’ view of things]

The idea of Sonic being capture gave me a shiver down my spine. Shadow and I were looking for Eggman’s base in the Tornado. “See anything?” Winter asked.

“Nothing that looks like Eggman’s base.” Shadow replied. Something caught my eye over the sea. I turned the plane around. “Tails…what are you doing?” Shadow asked clutching the seat. Shadow can’t swim either, but he isn’t afraid of water, at the same degree as Sonic.

“Look.” I answered.

“At what? All I see is lots and lots of…water.” He said, looking down. He clutched the seat tighter. I pointed ahead of us. He looked. “Is that what I think it is?”

“Let’s find out.” I said. Whatever it was fired at us when we were in range.

“Look out!” Shadow pointed. I zoomed up. I leveled the plane, if I didn’t the plane would stall, and that isn’t good. “It’s an ambush, Tails we need to get out of here.”

“Wait, if Eggman ambushed us, let’s make it look like we got shot down, so then we-”

“Can ambush him, good idea…but how are we going to do that?” He asked.

“Hold your breath!” I called as the plane noised dived.

“Tails!” Shadow yelled. The plane went under. I pushed a button and the plane transformed into a sub. “What was that?!” Shadow was soaking wet.

“You said it was a good idea.” I replied. He grumbled. I threw him a hand towel. He turned to me. “What?” He didn’t answer. “What?”

“When did you get this plane to transform?” He asked.

“Umm, just a few hours ago.” I answered.

“You mean this was the test, and you weren’t even sure it could work?!” I nodded. “Well, good thing it did.” He sighed. Shadow was changing, I don’t know how but he is, he’s nicer, less angry all the time…creepy. Suddenly we heard an explosion. We both looked at each other.

“Obliterate, destroy, fire, fire!” A voice cheered.

“Pull up Tails, it’s alright.” Shadow said. I looked at him. He nodded. I pulled up. Once we surfaced I turned the Tornado back into a plane. Suddenly a robot turned to us and was preparing to fire. “Omega! It’s Shadow! Don’t shoot!!” Shadow exclaimed standing up. The robot lowered its weapons.

“Shadow…” it stated. Shadow nodded. He turned to me. He gave me a relieved face. “I was sent to assist you.”