A Cross-Over like No Other-Book 6. Part 3.

[Eggman’s view of things]

I don’t know how he got here but I honestly didn’t care, he could help us, I mean this thing has an army! “What… is… …that?!” Lyric whispered.

“This my friend, is Bowser, Power and I worked with him once, when we were on his planet.” I introduced. I whispered this part. “He don’t speak English. He understands it.” Lyric nodded.

“So what’s the new plan?” Power asked.

‘I think Power and Lyric are the only two people I have ever worked with that have double-crossed me yet.’

“I donno yet.”

“Um,” a Koppa began. “If we are here the Mario brothers should be here as well.”

‘Maybe I can replace Orbot and Q-bot for one of those things, koppa, koppa.’ I considered.

“Well then, I guess we’re going to have to make a plan to get rid of them too.” I smiled. Then Goombas, Koppas, Shy Guys, and Boos all grinned. Well, the Boos always have this creepy smile on their face and their tongues don’t fit into their mouths, just staring at them gave me the creeps.

[Silver’s view of things]

I really had no idea on how Blaze was going to get home. Winter and I were walking through the woods, trying to clear our heads, hoping an idea would come to us-even though we were “taking a break.” Winter kicked a rock, as she walked. Suddenly, I stopped. I looked around, Winter beside me. None of us spoke. I could feel something was up-it comes with being telekinetic.

Winter was looking around. I couldn’t tell if what I was feeling was bad or good. We both heard something. It didn’t sound like a threat, but better to be safe than sorry. Winter didn’t make her sword but she was ready to. “We’re doom!” We heard somebody exclaim. The voice sounder familiar.

‘Is that Luigi-no way, couldn’t be.’ We heard other voices. ‘Ok, that sounded like Elsa, and Anna, and Mario, but how?’ Winter looked at me.

“Hey, who’s there?” She called.


“Yeah, that’s me.” She replied.

“It’s Elsa!” She called back. We ran over.

“What are you guys doing here?” I asked.

“Donno, just got here.” Anna replied. “You’re planet is pretty nice, I thought it would be cover with robotic things.”

“It was for a few years, but we’ve been able to push Eggman back.” I replied. “Guys want to come back with us?”

They nodded. We headed back toward the shore line.

[Luigi’s view of things]

“We are doomed!” I cried.

“No, we’re bound to run into one of them soon.” Mario reassured.

“Let’s just hope it’s not Eggman.” Kristoff commented. I shivered at the thought of those huge strong robots he had.

“So how did you guys meet Sonic?” Elsa asked. She was trying to get our minds off the fact we were lost.

“Oh, they just appeared out of nowhere and helped us stop Eggman and Bowser, and rescue Princess Peach, you?” Mario replied.

“Pretty much the same thing, only we start off a little bumpy…but they helped save my kingdom form Eggman.” Elsa replied.

“Who’s there?” Somebody called.

“Winter?” Elsa asked.

“Yeah, that’s’ me.” She called back.

‘Oh, oh thank goodness.’ I sighed.

“It’s Elsa!” She called. Soon, Silver and Winter found us.

“What are you guys doing here?” Silver asked.

“Donno, just got here.” Anna replied. “You’re planet is pretty nice, I thought it would be cover with robotic things.”

“It was for a few years, but we’ve been able to push Eggman back.” Silver replied. “Guys want to come back with us?”

We nodded. We headed out of the woods and towards the sea. There we could see a plane, and the horizon a floating island, not floating in the water, but in the air! “What the-no way! What are you guys doing here?” It was hard to tell if Sonic was happy or surprised. Tails, Shadow and Rouge ran over.

“Hey guys, long time no see.” Rouge waved. Then, a cat I didn’t remember from last time. “This is Blaze, we are trying to get her home.”

She waved somewhat shyly at us. I waved back.