A Cross-Over like No Other-Book 6. Part 2.

[Shadow’s view of things]

The past two days have been…an experience…to say the least. Blaze-who is from the future-came to the present-or her past-to stop Dooms Day and save the future, and now…we don’t know how she is going to get home. Because according to the three people who actually know about these types of things-as it turns out-we don’t have the technology to build a time machine! ‘You see, this is why-if you ask me-time travel shouldn’t be used.’

“She might never go home.” Silver whispered.

“That could mess up the future more than Dooms Day!” Tails replied. Winter sighed. She looked at us.

“You guys can figure this out, right?” Sonic asked.

“There really isn’t anything we can do, we just don’t have the technology to do this.” She replied.

“That’s what we thought about stopping time.” Sonic argued.

“That doesn’t count! Chaos Emeralds and Crystals are not pieces of technology! It’s what they do, there is no science behind it!” She paused. She turned to Silver and Tails. “What is she uses a Chaos Emerald or something like it to travel home?”

“It could work…only it would take months to make a fake Chaos Emerald that strong, and by then it could be too late.” Tails answered. Sonic looked at me.

“Well, what if she uses a real Chaos Emerald?” I suggested.

“Then we’d be screwed, we’d never be able to collect all seven, ever again.” Winter replied.

“Ok, you guys need a break, you’ve been working on this all morning!” Sonic randomly exclaimed. We all looked at him with, ‘…what…was…that,’ faces. “What?”

“He’s right, we could use one.” Silver shrugged. Then regretted doing so.

“But this is a big problem.” Winter protested.

‘Darn, stop being so stubborn!’ I thought.

[Blaze’s view of things]

With the events of the past few days I never got to stop and enjoy the sights, I knew I wasn’t getting home any time soon, so why worry. “How is that island floating?” I asked.

“Oh, that’s Angel Island, the Master Emerald keeps it hovering there, somehow, that’s Silver and Tails department-the way it does.” Rogue answered. I nodded.

“So what’s the Master Emerald? An eighth Chaos Emerald?” I asked.

“No, it has the power to neutralize the power of the Chaos Emeralds, though.”

“Something that strong should be protected or hidden.” I said.

“Oh, it is. Knuckles is the guardian.” She nodded.

‘Oh, ok…well…I didn’t know anything about this, at all.’ I thought. Soon, the others came out of a small hut knew the grass, which is where the computers are.