Air Pressure

What is air pressure?

Air pressure is a force exerted, (apply or bring to bear; a force, influence, or quality), on a surface by the weight of the air. The pressure of the atmospheric or compressed air. The pressure within a container due to the compression of air.

Well if you picked any three of those your right. Air pressure is all those things. But there is something that has to be for air pressure to even exist…air has weight. Believe it or not it is logical, how can something exert pressure if it doesn’t weight anything? That also explains why a tank of helium is so heavy with you first by it, and when you throw it away. What is the only thing that has changed? First there was helium inside, and now, there isn’t!

How you ever pumped a tire and it exploded, I haven’t, but the reason this happens is because of the air pressure was so strong it popped the tire. It’s like filling a balloon with water, the water makes the balloon grow, because of the water pressure, until the pressure is too great for the balloon and it bursts, as well as your mother for getting the whole kitchen wet.

In fact you can even prove air pressure exists! All you need is a balloon and start pumping it with air, keep doing this until it pops, the air pressure was so strong it broke the balloon, the loud popping sound is the air rushing out.



What?! College?! Ha! Is it even worth it? I mean with the student debt thing going on most kids’ college degrees are worthless. Sure, with good grades or playing a sport I can get a scholarship, but then I’d have to join a team…and, well, get good grades.

Not even to mention, finding one, applying, making friends, signing up for classes, all the studying, and planning and late nights, and part-time jobs. <Groaning> For me that’s not that bad, I mean I love to read, and write…I have a blog for crying out loud. But the math…hehe…I’m good at math I know that, but it isn’t my favorite subject, and the ironic part of all this is I want to be an engineer! <Sighing> Oh, am I in for the craziest coaster ride in the history of coaster rides. (No need to go to Coney Island).

But even though this sounds like the end of the world…it isn’t…just a mid-life crises.

College!!! Yes, it is worth it kids, it is worth it, because without going to college you’ll be a janitor cleaning the bathrooms of a hotel.
And you wouldn’t want to be there? Would you? ‘Cause that is worst then a mid-life crisis, hehe…a lot worst.
I thought so. So kids here some advice…always, ALWAYS go to school and never, NEVER skip a class. And all you wanna be engineers out there, you had better love math, or…welcome to Mathy Island!