My News Report on Health.

What do you think of when you hear the words Physical Fitness? Going to the gym? Going on a diet? Boring, it’s for grown-ups, or I’m not fat! Yeah, that’s not what Physical Fitness is all about. It’s about keeping your body healthy, so you can live long and enjoy life. It can prevent some major health concerns like, high blood pressure, cholesterol, cancer, osteoporosis, and the biggest health concern, that three of the four people I interview said was the biggest health problem this country ever faced, obesity.

As I learned from my interviewees there is more than one way to learn about your health. Mr. Horn says, “You can ask your doctor; insurance.” Anthony Manzella uses Wikipedia to find his information. Along with those ways there are others, you can ask you parents about you family history to know what risks you have. You can also prevent most sickness, putting on sunscreen before going out to play, not drinking any alcoholic drinks or smoking, eating right, and exercising. Ugg, exercising. Most people groan when they hear this word, they funning thing is, exercising can be really fun!

Playing outside is exercising, walking, running jumping, swimming, biking, baseball, basketball, these are all ways you can exercise, and the cool thing is…that how we play! Playing is exercising! You can also us free online food trackers to track what you eat and drink for an even healthier you. Like Anthony, who uses the President’s Challenge to track is exercise and food and drink intake. Jose Manzella uses an app on his phone and visits the doctor regularly. Sadie Manzella uses Fitbit. There are many ways to track your health.

Mr. Frank Horn was the most interesting to interview, his answers were so different from the other interviewees it was like a whole other view of things, it was amazing, a man who lives right next door, and his view of things is so much different from ours.