Are We Humane?

Humane-an over used word in our society-upon using it so much…do we really know what it means? Do we understand the full meaning and message of the word we use so much, it’s like breathing?

‘Sure, it means…um…well-I know it’s not a bad word!’ 

Ok, that’s good… but what does it mean?

(Searching on google-thank God for it)-‘having or showing compassion.’

Yes, ok, that’s what it means, but…are you humane? Don’t answer that, but think about it, are you really humane? Sure giving a dog a home is nice, but if a hungry human asks you for a cup of water and a piece of bread, would you give it to him? Go ahead, answer, it isn’t my place to judge, wouldn’t that be the humane thing to do?

All the money we spend on funding animal shelters, but we can’t even give one buck to a homeless man or women whose family is living on the streets! Now, for me that in inhumane. Don’t get me wrong, I love animals, it hurts to see how some people treat them, but…they…are…ANIMALS, they were made to live on their own, in the wild, or eating our garbage, but when we see an dog eating trash we help it, but when we see a human eating trash we raise our hands with pride and disgust and not once, not once- does it cross our minds to buy them dinner-oh no, with the dog, we take it to the vet and most of the time keep it as our pest giving it a home, food and water-what…is…that?!

So, I’ll ask you again, are you humane?

We care more about dogs and cats…then…then our own kind, other humans dying of hungry and thirst, freezing to death in the winter, watching their families and children die, is that humane? Is it, choosing a dog over a human? Is it? Build shelter for the homeless, just like for the cats and dogs, start programs to help them, like the for the animals, people volunteering, lending a helping hand, with a cheerful hearts, for both animals and humans-that, now that’s humane.