A Grand Adventure-Book 5. Part 8.

[An hour later]

The sun was setting as the gathered the last of the metal scrapes. “I don’t know about you, but I’m hitting the hay.” Silver yawned. They all nodded. Winter was sitting on her branch, Sonic had his back on the tree, Shadow beside him.

“We did well today.” He whispered.

“Yeah we did.” She replied. Suddenly, she sat straight up, and jumped down.

“What?” He asked getting up.

“How is Blaze going to get home?!” She asked. “We don’t have the tech to build a time machine!”


It was pitch black, they couldn’t see a thing. “Are we lost?” He whispered with fear. “I donno, I think so.” His brother replied.
[Somewhere else]

“What is this place, it kidda looks like home.” One said. “Only the ground isn’t covered with snow…and I don’t know my way around.” “We’ll have better luck when the sun rises.” Her sister replied. “I hope so.” Their companion hoped.


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