A Grand Adventure-Book 5. Part 6.

[Silver’s view of things]

“Sonic! Sonic!” I was saying in a very loud whisper.


“We know who the traitor is, it’s Andrew.” I informed.

“Agent Andrew, the one who helped us like two time?!” Sonic asked.

“Yes, and before you asked, yes, I’m one hundred present sure!” I was rushing.

“Silver-” static interrupted Sonic. I made a fist. We were all hiding under, behind, or in something. Agent Andrew and his men had arrived.

“How did Sonic and his friends catch on?” One asked.

“It doesn’t matter, we need to get them out of the picture.” Andrew replied.

‘Hehe, wish I didn’t know what that one meant.’ Tails looked at me, then pointed at the Tornado. I looked, nobody was looking. I nodded. Tails ran under the Tornado. He looked, one of the men walked by. He looked again, and jumped into the plane. He turned the key and the engine turned over, he rushed the plane into the air.

“Open fire! Shoot him out of the sky!” Andrew ordered. Winter and Knuckles came out of hiding, and started fighting.

“Silver, I’ve been hit! Help! The Tornado is going to crash! And…I’m stuck!” Tails’ voice sounded through the ear piece. I looked up on of the side propeller was smoking, a huge plum of night black smoke.

“I’m coming, just try to keep it steady for as long as you can.” I replied. Suddenly, Andrew got in front of me. “Out of my way!”

“Sorry, but I can’t let you save him.” He replied. He pulled out a pistol.

“Really, you’re going to fight me?” I asked.

“What to find out?” He replied, taking aim. I grunted. “What?”

I moved my hand and the pistol went flying. He growled. He made to fists. ‘Oh, great, hand-to-hand combat, I’m no got at that-and Tails!’

“Silver, I don’t know how much longer I can keep the plane in the air! Where are you?!” Tails cried. Andrew snickered, when he heard this. This made me angry. I flung him into a tree, I ran to help Tails-I mean come on-how much can the human body take?

“Tails, I’m on my way, are you still in the air?” I asked.

“Yes, but I don’t know for how much longer.”

Suddenly, I felt a breath taking, paralyzing, shock of pain in my upper back, near my shoulder. I turned around, Andrew was standing holding his shoulder. I looked at me back, and grimaced. Andrew ran at me, and the hand-to-hand combat began.

 [Shadow’s view of things]

When I got to the shore, it was complete and utter chaos. Andrew’s squad attacking, I couldn’t believe it, Andrew was the traitor! There were robots and G.U.N soldiers everywhere! “Chaos Shield!” I heard from…somewhere. “Shadow!”

I looked around trying to find the person who was calling me. Then I spotted it, Winter surrounded by G.U.N soldiers. “You can’t hold that shield forever!” One called.

“Shadow!” She called, again. I teleported myself over there-hey, was run when you can teleport?

“Back off.” I growled. They all took a step back. ‘Yup, that’s right, fear me!’ Then Knuckles did the rest. Suddenly a robot started attacking.

“Shadow, we got this, go help Silver.” Winter pointed. There was Silver on the ground with Andrew attacking him. ‘That does it!’


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  1. “Back off.” I growled. They all took a step back. ‘Yup, that’s right, fear me!’
    Haha! I can’t believe Shadow thought that! lol.

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