A Grand Adventure-Book 5. Part 5.

[Eggman’s view of things]

Lyric’s new security had caught a system’s breech, and the location of the hackers. “Andrew, take care of this, will you?” I ordered in a nicer tone than I would with Orbot or Q-bot.

“The Commander is gone! He escaped!” He growled.

“How?” Power asked.

“We don’t know the security camera is missing time.” He replied.

“It was deleted, somebody hacked in to your systems, and I bet it’s the same people who hacked into my systems.” I concluded. He nodded and yelled at his men and they headed out. “Think somebody knows what we are up too?” I asked.

“No, there’s no way, we haven’t told anybody.” Lyric reminded.

“We’ll so find out.” Power said. “In the meantime let’s get to work on reprogramming G.U.N’s programing.” I got back to cracking their codes.

‘Why do they have to be so much better at putting codes and passwords and everything them me?!’ I complained to myself.

[Blaze’s view of things]

‘Well, Uncle Sonic just doesn’t grow up, does he?’ I felt like I wasn’t really helping to change anything sitting in a cave. “Sonic! Sonic!” Silver’s voice came through the radio, he was panicking.


“We know who the traitor is, it’s Andrew.” He sounded scared. Unlike the Silver I knew that if he was ever scared, he never showed it.

“Agent Andrew, the one who helped us like two times?!” Sonic asked.

“Yes, and before you asked, yes, I’m one hundred present sure!”

“Agent Andrew, my best agent? I would have never guessed.” The Commander said angrily.

“Nobody did.” I tried to give him the fact that it wasn’t his fault, in fact, it really wasn’t anybody’s fault really.

“So, if I’m killed, what’s the future like?” He asked me.

“Dark, and not really good compared to how life is now.” I replied. He nodded.

“Silver, how do you know this?” Sonic asked. Static. “Silver? Silver?!” Still, static.

“Something’s wrong.” Rogue sounded worried.

“I’ll go!” I volunteered.

“If something is wrong you’ll probably need to fight, can you?” Sonic asked. I snapped my finger and the flame floated there. He nodded. I ran off.

‘Nobody can die, nobody, or the future will be changed drastically, and I won’t be able to fix it.’ I was leaving a fire line behind me, it’s not like I could help it, that’s what happens when I’m running at high-speed. When I reached the shore, it looked like a war! (It took me an hour or so to reach the shore, I got lost).

“Look out!” Silver called, he made a telekinetic wall between us and a bomb. “What are you doing here?”

“If somebody dies, I won’t be able to fix that, and the future with be permanently changed.” I replied.

“That includes you.” He stated.

‘Well, he may look different but he sure act the same.’ I thought.