A Grand Adventure-Book 5. Part 3.

[Shadow’s view of things]

I was good at a lot of things, but balancing isn’t one of them. Winter thought this was funning. “You’re getting the hang of it.” She encouraged. I wobbled. I was walking slowly. “Rogue, how ‘bout I get so information off of Eggman’s computer?” Winter asked.

“Sure. Anything that will help us.”

I had caught up to Winter. She was looking into the computer room, to see if there were any robots or Eggman there. When she saw there was no one she jumped down. I jumped down after her. “What are you doing?” I asked.

“Trying to filter through files to find something related to plan, us, and demolition.” She said, typing in some new codes.

‘Three of my friends could hack into a computer in their sleep!!’ She was now skimming through some files. I looked over her shoulder scanning the files that were zooming down the screen. “How can you read anything?” I asked.

“Don’t have to, photographic memory.” She replied, not taking her eyes off the screen. When she finished looking at the files she had filtered, she covered up her steps and shut down the computer. “Let’s go.” We climbed back onto the beams. I wasn’t wobbling as much as before.

[Tails’ view of things]

I had fallen behind. Suddenly, someone grabbed me from behind. I gasped. And turned around to see who had just grabbed me. “Tails. Listen to me-”

“How do you know who I am-who are you?!” I asked.

“…My name is Blaze. The future you sent me here, to the past-or present, to stop Dooms Day from happening.” She said, with a desperate tone.

“And you want me to believe this?” I asked. She nodded. “Good, because I do.”

“Where are the others?” She asked. I gave her a face. “Knuckles, Silver, Rogue, Sonic… …Shadow, and Winter?”

“So you know all of us?”

She nodded. “Come on.” I waved. She followed me. She had great balance. “Silver, Knuckles!” I called. The two turned. Silver made the ‘behind you face.’ I nodded. “This is Blaze, she’s from the future.”

“The future, really?” Knuckles laughed.

“It could be possible, to time travel, but not with the tech we have today.” Silver justified.

“Ok, but in the future there is.” Blaze insisted.

“Guys, find anything.” Rouge asked.

“Yup, meet us outside the base.” Knuckles replied, through the radio. “Are we all there, in the future?” Blaze nodded. “Good, so none of us are going to die.” Silver, Blaze and I rolled our eyes.

[Sonic’s view of things]

‘Thank you Knuckles!’ Knuckles had found something and could us to the entrance of the base, I hate not attacking things! We saw Shadow and Winter a few feet ahead. Shadow looked like a new-born deer still getting used to its legs! I had to laugh. Shadow glared at me. We jumped down in front of the opened door, Silver and the others were standing there.

Then I saw her, a cat I had never seen my whole life. “This is Blaze, she says she from the future and was sent to stop Dooms Day.” Tails introduced.

‘Future? Is that even possible, and Dooms Day?! Sounds like something right out of an action film.’ I could tell Winter and Rouge were skeptical, Shadow down right didn’t believe it.

“It is possible to time travel.”

“G.U.N is going to swap sides!” Blaze stated. We all turned to her.

“What?!” We all asked.

“G.U.N is going to work with Eggman, and you guys don’t win this one, cause is the future we are living underground hiding.”

‘What?! What?! This just went from weird to, unbelievable!’

“How? Why?” Rogue asked.

“One of the squad commanders takes over G.U.N, along with his comrades and allied with Eggman.” She answered.

“G.U.N’s been fighting Eggman for years and years, are you even sure this is the right time line?” Silver asked. She nodded. She could tell we didn’t believe her. She turned to Winter.

“The future you told me you found some information that you didn’t think meant anything, and by the time you found out what was going one it was too late.” Blaze said to Winter.

“What information?” I asked.

“Information about how to overthrow Commander Abraham, and reprogramming the system is what it looks like.” She replied.

“Let’s say what Blaze is saying is true, how do we know who it is?” Shadow asked.

“Shoot! I never asked who it was!” Blaze mumbled.

‘Oh well, an adventure’s no fun if it’s too easy.’ I thought.

[Power’s view of things]

‘Haha, though I was dead, ah? Yeah, me to.’ I knew I would be in for a surprise, not seeing my sister, Winter, for like nine years, but that, ‘Chaos Storm,’ thing was-I wasn’t expecting it. It was freezing! How I escaped was by turning invisible, and they took me home with them, and they didn’t even know! Haha. I’m a genius, no not really.

Eggman and I were working up another evil scheme, when a snake floated in. “Hello, old friend.” He hissed.

“Lyric, thank you for coming on such a short notice, this is Power.” Eggman introduced.

“Pleasure to meet you I’m sure.” He nodded. “So what is this about?”

“We have made the ultimate plan to ride ourselves of Sonic and his friends, and rule the world!” I smiled. He hissed happily.

“Our four member couldn’t make it, so, he should be calling-” the computer rang. “Ah, here he is. Agent Andrew, are you clear?” Eggman asked.

“Yes, just me and my men.”

“So what’s the plan?” Lyric asked.

“Well, I’m going to over through Commander Abraham, the plan is in the file I sent, and take over G.U.N’s tech, and fight on your side, with Eggman and your tech, and Power’s help, we’ll be gods!” He exclaimed. We all cracked a smile.

“And you are sure, they’d don’t have a clue of what going on?” I asked. Agent Andrew nodded. ‘Good…once they find out, it’ll be too late.’