A Grand Adventure-Book 5. Part 2.

[Winter’s view of things]

I was swing upside down on the tree branch. I jumped down flipping myself right-side up in midair. “What do I look like to ya?” I asked.

“Now, a hedgehog-and you can’t answer a question with a question!” He exclaimed.

“Show me the law, and I’ll say I’m sorry.” I replied.

“Winter, we need you.” Tails and Silver called. I walked over. They motioned to the plan. “What am I the inspector?” I joked.

“Yeah, pretty much.” They agreed. I laughed, and at looked at the plan’s engine system and GPS, and-everything.

“It’ll fly.” I replied. I placed the Chaos Crystal, which powered the plane, I its place. Sonic and Shadow walked over.


“What?” Silver asked. Sonic and Shadow looked at each other.

“It is going to be bashed and thrashed soon.” They laughed. We all laughed. ‘Shadow and Sonic just made a joke-together-and a good one, and are laughing together?! Never had I thought I would see the day.’

[Rogue’s view of things]

I was on my way back to the beach to meet the others. I had been called to headquarters by Commander Abraham to talk about Eggman’s plans, and other things, like he wanted us to stop him-again. “Hey guys.” I waved.

“So what was it about this time?” Shadow asked.

“Oh, he wanted us to stop Eggman, again.” I replied.

“Good, I needed something to do anyways.” Sonic said, stretching.

“Tails and I’ll get Knuckles, and meet you guys there.” Silver called as he and Tails jumped into the Tornado.

[Knuckles’ view of things]

I was standing next to the Master Emeralds. I heard the Tornado’s propellers before I could see it. Silver gave me the signal. “Oh yeah.” I clapped. I started running as fast as I could toward the edge of the island, and jumped. I landed on the wing of the Tornado, the plan wobbled a bit. “Hey guys, what’s going on?” I asked.

“G.U.N’s ordered us to go to Eggman’s base.” Silver explained.

I started to act like I was looking for something. “Ya know, I think I left my G.U.N badge at home-right I don’t have one! What gave G.U.N the idea that they can tell us what to do?”

“Knuckles you may have a point but they are on our side, so we need to work together.” Tails reasoned with me.

“I know…but-do you think all of us are considered Team Dark-in G.U.N’s eyes?” I asked.

“I hope not!” Silver said with wide eyes. We all laughed.

“Alright. Silver get down there, I’m, going to land this thing.” Tails ordered.

“See you on the ground.” Silver said as he jumped down.

“Tails, please, for what it’s worth, I believe you can land this plane without getting us killed.”

Tails took a deep breath. ‘Don’t crash the plane! Please don’t crash the plane!’


[Silver’s view of things]

I had landed next to Shadow. “Nice landing.” He said. Hitting me on the shoulder as he walked by. I blinked.

“Come on Silver!” Sonic called. I ran over. “Ever gone on a spy mission?”


“Good, me neither!” He replied.

“It’s easy, stay out of sight, and don’t fight anything, if it doesn’t attack you first.” Rogue explained. “Eggman had beams on the roof that we can walk on or hang to-”

“Pays to be part opossum.” I heard Winter whisper to Sonic. Sonic chuckled. Soon, Tails and Knuckles arrived. “Think you two can open that door without setting off the alarm?” Winter asked. Tails and I nodded.

“What do you think?” I asked.

“Looks like a number combination.”

I looked at the wiring. “It looks like we only have one try, and can’t use any tech.” I informed.


“Wait, the numbers the spell Eggman.” I said. Tails gave me a blank face. “Eggman, what numbers make the letters of his name, that’s the passcode!”

“Yeah, that could be it, but we only have one shot.” Tails reminded.

“We still have to try-5, 7, 7, 13, 1, 14.” I said, as I typed in the numbers. The lock glowed green and the door hissed open. We climbed up onto the beams at the roof and looked down.

“Ok, Tails, Silver and Knuckles-Team One. Winter and Shadow-Team Two. Sonic and I are team three.” Rouge explained. We went to our right, walking carefully so we wouldn’t fall down.

“Has anyone done something like this before?” Knuckles asked. We shook our heads. “This is the one situation in my whole life that I wish Amy was here.” We nodded in agreement.