A Grand Adventure-Book 5.

[Somewhere on Mobius’ future]

She had never seen the sun, only heard about from the older people. They said the sky was blue the grass and trees were green, the sun was yellow and the clouds were white, but she had never actually seen any of those things.

You see, they were living downside, underground. Don’t get it wrong life was pretty good, as good as it could be living 10 feet underground. “Mommy!” Lilly wailed.

“Yes?” Her mother asked.

“Blazy isn’t awake!” Her twin brother wailed.

“I am now.” She said.

“Yeah!” They clapped. She rubbed her eyes. Their mother laughed. “Do it, do it!” The chanted.

“Do what?” She asked, like she didn’t know.

“The fire!” They replied.

She giggled and snapped her fingers and a little flame floated in her hand. “Wow!” They gasped. No matter how many times she does this, it always amazes them. “Alright you two, get to bed, now.”

“But mom, dad’s not back yet.” Shadric reminded. Sonic rushed in. “Daddy!” They said, jumping on him, knocking him down.

“Hey kids, time for bed, now.” He laughed.

“Ok.” They trotted off.

“Hey Blaze.” He said.

“Hi, Uncle Sonic, late again.” I mocked.

“Late, me? I’m never late.” He looked at the clock. “Oops-well it was only one minute!” He defended.

“Where’s Tails?” Amy asked.

“At the workshop.”

“I’ll tell him to come home, the workshop is on my way anyways.” Blaze volunteered.

“Alright. Thanks.” Amy permitted.

“No problem.” She replied. Walking out the door.

[Blaze’s view of things]

‘To go by the title the fastest thing alive, Uncle Sonic sure is pretty slow.’ I laughed. This wasn’t true at all. I knocked on the workshop door.

“Come in!” Tails called.

“Sonic and Amy say it’s time for you to go home.” I informed. He turned to me.

“What was it like?” I asked. “Before G.U.N went bad?”

“Well, your dad and Rogue worked for them, and they helped us out at times.” Tails replied.

“But what happened what caused this to happen?”

“G.U.N went bad, and we did see it in time to stop it-but you can!” He said.

“What how can I, it has been this way before I was born!” I asked. He pulled the cloth off of one of his inventions. “What is that?”

“A time machine!” He smiled. “With it you can go back and stop these events from happening!”

“Does it work?” I question. He shrugged. “Tomorrow, though, it’s already 11:30.”

“Alright, see ya tomorrow, 8:30 sharp.” He said as he walked toward his house, he lived with Uncle Sonic and Aunt Amy. I nodded.

‘I can’t tell mom and dad, I know what they would say, but I have to do this!’ I decided. I pushed the back door open slowly. The lights were off, except in the kitchen. “Blaze that you?” Silver asked.

“Yes.” I whispered.

“Where have you been, you left Sonic’s house one hour ago?!” He exclaimed in a high whisper.

“I was talking to Tails, esh, I can take care of myself.” I replied. I felt like telling him, really badly. He was looking at me, that’s the problem with Silver, you can’t hide much from him. “Tails and I have an idea how to fix this, and we are going to do it tomorrow at 8:30-and you will not stop us.”

“Blaze….” He stopped.

“Where are mom and dad?”

“Dad is helping Knuckles with something, and mom’s on lookout.” He looked at the clock. “She should be back soon.”


“Not until 9:00 tomorrow.”

‘Oh well, none of this will happen after I fix it.’ The phone rang. Silver answered it.

“No, no, Winter isn’t here, yes Blaze is home. Yes, we’re fine, thanks.” He hung up. Soon mom walked in, she looked totally bushed.

“Hey mom.” I greeted.

“Hey sweetheart, hey Silver.”

“Winter you look tired.” Silver laughed.

“It’s your turn-aren’t laughing so much now, eh?” She replied.

“Fine, see you all tomorrow.” He groaned heading out the door.


[Eight O’clock the Next Morning]

“Alright, stand here.” Tails pointed. “Silver can you help me with this.”

“Sure.” Silver yawned.

“I remember when it was hard for you to lift something this big and heavy.” Tails laughed.

He smiled. “Ok, Blaze, in the past you can’t tell us anything about our lives in the future, you going to have to call us by our names, you can’t talk about Lilly or Shadric, only why you’re there and what’s going to happen. Ok?” Tails finished.

She nodded.

“Ok. Here we go.” There was a flash of light and Blaze was gone.

“Will she be ok?” Silver asked.

“I hope.” Tails replied.

“Wait, how-”

[Sonic’s view of things]

We were chillin’ at our favorite spot at the shore line. Winter was hitting on her branch. Knuckles was on Angel Island, Shadow was just sitting there on a rock, doing nothing, and Rouge was at G.U.N headquarters. Silver and Tails were working on the Tornado, Tails had banged it up-again. ‘Life is good, not even Eggman can ruin it!’ I sighed, putting my back against the big oak, at the edge of the grass and the sandy shore. There was a soft breeze, some leafs floated to the ground, swaying side to side.

Winter inhaled deeply. She looked down. Then grabbed on to the branch with her legs, and started swinging upside down. “Are you a hedgehog or an opossum?” I asked. She stopped swing. She flipped and landed on her feet.

“What do I look to ya?” She answered my question with a question.


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