A Cross-Over like No Other-Book 4. Part 6. (Final).

[Shadow’s view of things]

Something was wrong with Winter, she had just collapsed holding her head. Power wouldn’t let me get to her. “That’s right, fall under my rule, dear sister.” He laughed.

‘Sister?! Sister?! I didn’t think that was what she meant when she said it wasn’t the first time she’d had to deal with him!’ “Winter, Winter, fight it, come on you gotta fight it!” I called. I couldn’t get to her, Power kept up a fire wall. Suddenly the wall went done. Power smiled at me.

“Well, this has worked out rather splendidly.” He hissed.

“What did you do?!” I growled.

“Nothing really.”

“Winter! Come on!”

“She can’t here you! She’s under my control, thanks to the dark energy inside of her!” He proclaimed. “The only thing that could make this even better is for you two to finish each other off for me!”

Suddenly, she made her sword and charged at me. ‘This isn’t happening, this isn’t happening-it’s happening-she’s attacking me!’ What should I do?! She came at me again, I jumped out of the way. I was learning the hard way why Winter liked to skate when fighting, it was affective. She started running circles around me. She was creating her tornado. “Winter it’s me, Shadow! Snap out of it!” I called. She stopped and stared at me, but them Power said something and she was lost again.

“Please Winter…don’t make me fight you!” I begged. She pinned me to the ground. ‘I can’t kill living thing, only if I look away! That’s what I can’t let her do.’ “Look at me Winter look at me.” ‘Shadow your life depends on it.’ I put my hand on her face not letting her look away. “Look at me, look at me-it’s me, it’s me-look at me.” I panted.

“What?! Kill him!! Kill him!” Power screamed. She raised he sword, which was all black instead of ice blue.

“Look at me, Winter, come on, it’s me.” I repeated. She gasped. Her sword vaporized.


“Yeah, it’s me.” I laughed.

“No! No, no, no, no!” Power screeched. Winter helped me up, then turned to Power.

“Chaos Storm!”

“What the?!” He looked so surprised I almost felt bad…no not really. When Winter’s little storm dead down Power was gone!

“Where’d he go?” I asked.

“Who cares?!” Winter shrugged. We heard a big explosion coming from where the others were. We ran over. They were laughing. “What happened?”

“Remember when you said, Chaos Control shouldn’t be used by the Emeralds and Crystals at the same time?” Sonic began. Winter nodded. “Well, Eggman did-haha, you should have seen his face!” He began to crack up.

[Rogue’s view of things]

“So this is good-bye?” Mario sighed.

“Yeah, but who knows we might come back for a visit soon.” Sonic replied.

“Ready guys?” I asked. We nodded.

“Chaos Control!” Shadow said. Soon followed by Winter.

We appeared on the sandy shore we called home. “I don’t think I’m ever going to leave Mobius again.” Silver laughed. We all agreed.

‘Yup. There is no place like home.’

[On Mobius, Elsa’s Kingdom, and the Mushroom Kingdom]

“No way!” Tails, Anna and Luigi exclaimed.

“What?” Winter, Elsa and Mario asked.

“It says here that-”

“Our planets are connected-”

“By a rip in time and space, and had been this way-”

“For many years are called, the Tri-Planets!” They each replied.

This was a great discovery which explained everything, but could also be dangerous.


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