A Cross-Over like No Other-Book 4. Part 5.

[Winter’s view of things]

That hedgehog had rounded Shadow and I into another chamber than the others. “Now this is nobody to save you!” He hissed.

“It works both ways, now there’s not body to help you!” Shadow replied. My dark energy was acting up again, just like every time I fought him, but this time it was different it seemed more powerful.

“Chaos Shield!” I created a shield around Shadow and myself. “What’s the plan?”

“What do you think? You’ve fought him before.” He said.

“That’s the problem, the same trick doesn’t work on him twice.” I replied.

“Then the plan is…don’t-”

“Die.” We said that word together, and nodded. I decided to do something I hadn’t done in a long time. I stepped and smiled. I started to skate on the ice that appeared under my feet, and disappearing behind me. It was my favorite way to go fast, and dodge things at the same time.

“What in the world.” Shadow mouth. I smiled and laughed at his face, and shrugged.

‘Oh this is still fun.’ Yup, I’d rather fight fire than jump down a ravine with a Baby Yoshi. Everything was going great. Shadow and I seemed to have this hedgehog under control.



“Power-that’s he’s name.” Shadow informed. I nodded. I already knew that. “How you doing?”

“Havin’ fun.” I smiled. “You?”

“Trying not to die-how, how is this fun to you?!” He asked.

“Easy, just have fun!” I answered dogging a fire spear. Suddenly, my dark energy started showing itself, my ice and snow had turned a little black. ‘Not good.’

[Silver’s view of things]

This Mech was unbelievably strong, that is until we figured out it was powered by the fourteen Chaos Jewels. (That is the quicker way to say the Chaos Emeralds and Chaos Crystals). ‘We left it with the Toads-STUPID, STUPID, STUPID!’ There wasn’t much I could do but watch the guys’ backs. I was worried about Winter and Shadow, they might be chaos fueled monsters, but that if a fired up hedgehog with a grudge.

I guess Eggman knew I was pretty much defenseless, because more than one he had made a grab for me with him giant robotic hand. It was getting pretty hard to keep on going, we had be bashing at that thing from more than thirty minutes. “Admit it, I won-and I might spare your lives.” Eggman called.

“What do you say?” Sonic asked us.




“Don’t say I didn’t try.” Eggman said.

‘Wasn’t planning to.’

[Mario’s view of things]

We had pushed the button and Bowser fell to his doom‘-yippee-like he won’t be back in two days.’ I sighed. When we saw what was going we ran off to find a fire and ice flower. When we found them we ran over to help the others. “Fire!” I called.

“Where are Winter and Shadow?” Luigi asked as he fired his ice balls.

“That hedgehog took ‘em somewhere, sure they’re fine.” Knuckles replied before ramming into the Mech.

‘So this is there enemies? No fair! Way cooler than ours-and harder to kill but still-no fair.’

It felt like I had been firing for…forever! But I wasn’t going to give up.