A Cross-Over like No Other-Book 4.

[In the castle study]

“Anna? What are you doing?” Elsa asked.

“Trying to find out how they got here…the first time was a coincidence, the second time? No there’s got to be a way, a reason.” She replied. Her older sister pulled up a chair and started sifting through so books. Looking for what? They did not know.  

[Somewhere in the Mushroom Kingdom before Sonic and Co. landed]

Eggman had landed in Dark Land, ruled by Lord Bowser, the Koopa King. He and Bowser had already made a deal, and kidnapped the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom, the beloved, kind, honest, Princess Peach…again-don’t these guys get tired-so, anyway, the had also found Power how had be sent here when Winter and Shadow fired at him and had been laying low all this time.

“All I want is to finish them.” He growled.

“Fine! You can have it!” Eggman said.

“Your world has you heroes and we have ours, I’ll bet my shell, the Mario bros are on their way right now.” A Koopa declared.

“And if Sonic and his friends find them, I’ll bet everything they’ll work together and try to stop us as a super team!” Q-bot said, in English. Bowser growled. They were all confident of victory…sad.

[Mario’s view of things]

Two days ago Bowser and two new buddies of his, kidnapped Princess Peach…again. ‘Boy am I getting tired of this.’ Anyway, so Luigi and I were on our way to save her…again-‘No really, it gets really boring! She gets kidnapped, we save her, rinse and repeat…arg!’ When a flash of light flashed a few feet ahead in the forest.

“Wha-what was that, Mario?” My younger brother Luigi shivered.

“Let’s go see.” I answered. I ran over. What I saw shocked me. A bunch of hedgehogs, a fox with two tails, a bat, and an echidna. They didn’t seem scared.

“Hey.” One said.

“Hi…so…what are you guys doing here? I have never seen you around here.” I asked.

“We don’t know where here is, see, we’re from a planet called Mobius.” The fox explained.

“So how did you get here?” I asked. They shrugged. “Well, I’m Mario, and this is my brother Luigi.”

“I’m Sonic, that’s Shadow, Silver, Knuckles, Tails, Rouge and Winter.” Sonic introduced.

“Hey, you wouldn’t happen to know a hedgehog that looks like Shadow, and controls fire, would ya?” I asked.

“Yes, we’ve dealt with him before.” Shadow and Winter said.

“Well, two days ago him, Bowser and a round shaped guy with a mustache and a pack of robots came and attacked the castle, kidnapping the princess.” I explained.

“Eggman?! Eggman’s here?” Knuckles asked.

[Sonic’s view of things]

Suddenly, a little…mushroom came running to Mario. “Mario, Mario! Look what I found!” He held out a Chaos Emerald and he friend had a Chaos Crystal.

“What is that?” Luigi asked.

“Chaos Jewels…a Chaos Emerald, and a Chaos Crystal.” Winter said pointing at each.

“What do they do?” The Toads asked.

“We can use them to teleport, or slow don’t time, or turn Super when we have all seven.” Shadow replied.

“Mario, Bowser and that round guy have threaten the village! He says he’s going to gather these things, and cause the sun to never shine-or something-anyway you have to stop them!” Another Toad wailed. Then, in unison, with wide eyes, they turned to us, like they had just realized we were there. They started running in circles, panicking, waving their hands above their heads. I looked at Mario who shook his head.

“I have learned to just walk away.” He whispered and we did just that.

‘Well, that was…interesting…I guess-no that’s an understatement…there is no word to describe it, none!’


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