A Cross-Over like No Other-Book 4. Part 3.

[Rouge’s view of things]

‘This is a joke!’ All you had to do to kill these thing…was to stump on them! The Koopas get into their shells and you can kill like 30 enemies, including the Koopa at once! The Boos, which were ghosts you couldn’t kill, at all! Only with light and in “Dark Land” there is little to no light. The only thing on their side was, numbers! There we hundreds, maybe thousands of enemies. ‘Maybe it’s not so much of a joke after all.’

[Silver’s view of things]

The Mech more than once had tried to herd me into the lava pit. “Chaos Freeze! Silver go help the others, Shadow and I got this.” Winter called.

‘Good, don’t think those things can kill me.’ Indeed they couldn’t, these were the most pathetic enemies I ever fought all I had to do was throw them in to the lava…even the Boos! Dead, done, roasted.

“Will the ever be all gone?!” Tails groaned.

“Ya know what,” I fired a wave that killed practically killed all of them, but the Boos.

“Nice, we could have been here for days!” Mario thanked. I threw the last Boos into the lava, then the Mech exploded.

“Well, that do.” Knuckles sighed.

[Winter’s view of things]

I was getting worried that Silver was going to fall into the lava, so I told him to go help the others. Suddenly the Mech stopped attacking me. I turned to see why. It had Shadow pinned to the ground. He was trying to get the hand off of himself, but it was too strong. “Chaos Freeze!” The Mech turned to me, not letting go of Shadow.

Then he grabbed him and held him over the lava pit. He looked down then at me. I could see the fear in his eyes. There wasn’t much I could do in the heat pool.

“Drop you weapon, or I drop him.” The Mech ordered.

‘Eggman’s given them voices? Nice…I guess, just not now!’ I put my ice sword down on the ground. Shadow just hung there helplessly. The Mech looked at me with its metallic red eyes. It raised its other arm slowly and-

[Shadow’s view of things]

And it fired at Winter. When the smoke cleared she was gone. I bet the Mech would smile if it could. I knew he was going to drop me, which it did. It started to walk away. Something grabbed my hand. “Huh?” I said, surprised.

“You didn’t think I was going to let you burn, did you?” Winter smiled. I sighed. “Swing to that ledge. And you’re going to have to jump for it.”

‘What?!’ I started swing my legs back and forth kidda like swinging at the park…only there is no swing and grass to land on. ‘Please land on that darn ledge!’ I let go of Winter’s hand, and flew through the air, just grabbing the edge of the ledge before plummeting to my doom. I pulled myself up. “Come on Winter!” I called. She began to swing, then jumped. She land with both feet at the very, very, very edge of the ledge, the ground under her crumbled. I grabbed her hands. “You catch me, I catch you.” I joked as I pulled her up. She chuckled. It was an easy climb back to solid ground.

“Now, let’s finish this thing off.” She growled. The Mech turned.

“Oh snap! I’m dead now!” It cried before we destroyed it.

“Nice!” We gave each other a high-five. (Which, I usually never do). Suddenly, a giant thing that shook the ground when it landed got in front of us. No matter how many times it attacked her, Winter would attack it-it almost looked like she couldn’t.

“Winter? What are you doing?” I called. She didn’t answer, didn’t even look at me.

‘Ok, all the enemies on this planet are killed by jumping on their heads-can’t believe I’m going to do this!’ I thought as I jumped on the thing’s head. It went into its shell, which I kicked into the lava pit. “Winter, why didn’t you attack it?” I asked.

“I couldn’t.”

“Why not?” I asked.

“I…just can’t! Every time I try to kill any living thing I have to look away!” She replied. The others came over.

“Let’s get moving before some more things get here.” Sonic called. We all ran off.