A Cross-Over like No Other-Book 3. Part 11.

[Rogue’s view of things]

I found a vent and ripped of the panel. “Let’s have a look, see.” I chuckled rubbing my hands. I crawled inside. Our only way in was a death trap. Two Mechs, and a pack of robots. And beyond that was-the Eclipse Cannon rip-off. ‘Looks like that’s our only way in.’ I sighed. To my horror, Eggman looked up. ‘Please he didn’t see me!’

“Qué estás mirando, señor?” Q-bot asked.

“Thought I heard something-most be working too hard.” Eggman replied. I exhaled.

[Eggman’s view of things]

I was more talking to myself than I was answering Q-bot’s question. I had heard some and saw something in the vent above, after a little thinking I knew who it was. ‘Hehe…those fools.’ I pushed a button and down came the vent panel and just as I knew, Rouge the Bat. “Rogue, how nice of you to drop in.” I joked.

“Really Eggman? That’s even worse than Sonic’s jokes.” She scolded.

“Really?” I gasped. “I thought it was pretty good.”

“Just what Sonic says.” She sighed.

“Cuál es esa chica bate haciendo aquí?” Q-bot asked.

“Ignore him, voice chip…again.” I grumbled.

[Sonic’s view of things]

I don’t know what went through my head when I jumped out of that racing sled. “Chaos Spear!”

I turned around. Shadow distorted a robot that would have done that very thing to me. “Hey, I can’t watch your back.” Suddenly two robot that were a few inches from us exploded.

“And I can’t watch both of your backs.” Winter said.

‘We just got served.’

“I’m guessing this is the welcoming committee.”

Then, faster than you could blink the blizzard kicked back up. “Shoot!” I could hear Shadow groan through the wind. It… was… …fifty degrees below zero! It sure felt like it. The wind sliced right through me.

“Guys we’ve to get moving!” I called. Something grabbed my arm. “What the-oh, Winter it’s you.” I sighed. “What’s the plan?”

“I’m going to get the falling snow out-of-the-way and we’ll run over to Egg-Head’s base.” Winter explained. Shadow and I nodded in agreement. Winter began to run, Shadow and I running behind her. As Winter cleared the falling snow we could see Eggman’s base.

[Tails’ view of things]

“Maybe she got seen and needs help.” Elsa suggested.

Knuckles nodded. “Let’s go!” He punched down the door. “Oh…hi guys…how’s it going-look out!”

‘First a huge base, now an unimaginable amount of robots?! Oh…two Mech? How is Eggman controlling two Mech?!’

I was flying high in the sky, trying to stay out of the Mech’s reach. Just when it looked like we were winning the blizzard came back. I crashed down into a blank of snow. “Knuckles? Elsa?” All I could see was white, fluffy snow falling all around me. I looked around frantically for any color but white.

“Elsa, Knuckles?” I called again. My heart started to race. Suddenly, I saw a flash or red. “Knuckles!”

“Tails?!” Knuckles yelled. I could see him getting closer and closer. “Tails look out!”

I turned to see a giant hand. I gasped.