A Cross-Over like No Other-Book 3. Part 8.

[Rouge’s view of things]

I was flying through the air with Tails in front of me. I looked down, Shadow and Sonic were running, Kristoff, Anna, and Olaf were riding Sven, Elsa was using her snow to keep up with Sven. Soon we arrived at the village. “Wait, how are we going to not cause havoc?” Tails asked. We all just stood there, that was a very good question.

“I’ll go in and open the gates.” Anna said and Sven trotted into the village. Sonic was getting pretty antsy.

‘Oh, no…he’s going to do something stupid.’ He ran full speed through the village past the palace gates.

“Stupid.” Shadow groaned, putting his hand on his face. He turned to us. “You two just fly high out of sight…”

“And you?” I asked. “Don’t tell me you’re going to do what Sonic did!”

“Um…let me think about it…of course not!” He began. “I’m going to teleport.”

‘Didn’t have to be so nasty.’

“Let’s get going.” Tails called. I took off after him.

[Sonic’s view of things]

I was standing there waiting for the others, Shadow appeared out of nowhere and soon Tails and Rouge landed next to Elsa. I thought somebody would ask what I was thinking, or what the heck…nope, nothing, which is fine by me.

“My queen, my queen, Eggman’s robot has threatened us.” The guard began. “He said if you don’t give the kingdom up in the next two day, he will blow us up, with something called the something Cannon.”

“The Eclipse Cannon.” Shadow whispered.

“Yes, that’s it.”

“What is that?” Anna asked.

“Well, the original Eclipse Cannon had the power to destroy entire planets-but there is no way he could make on that strong.” Shadow explained.

“How strong can he make it?” Elsa asked.

“He has to be stopped, no question.” He replied.

‘That strong! Man, Eggman has put up his game!’

“We’re going to need to find Silver and Winter, and fast.” I said.

[Eggman’s view of things]

The blizzard had let up, completely. “La tormenta de nieve ha dejado, señor.” Q-bot said.

“I can’t understand you!” I yelled for the thousandth time.

“Y me llamas estúpido.” He mumbled. “Y otra cosa , es mejor que orar a mi amigo de regresar sanos y salvos.”

‘Orbot you’d better get back here soon!’

“I back, sir…we are in the eye of the storm.” Orbot called.

“Compinche! Estás bien!” Q-bot cheered. I didn’t even asked, I had an idea of what he had just said.

“So, what happened?” I asked.

“Mal educado! Este hombre acaba de regresar de un largo viaje en una tormenta de nieve, y que ni siquiera preguntar si está bien?! ¿Qué tipo de hombre eres?” Q-bot raved. “Ya sabes, uno de estos días alguien va a darte una lección, entonces estás remeber los días en que trató a mi y mi amigo tan mal. Y espero estar allí.”


“You don’t want to know, sir.”

“No me cállate! Él tiene que escuchar esto! ¿Qué crees que estoy haciendo?! Perder el aliento, no, este chico tiene que aprender antes que las cosas van mal-espera, siempre lo hacen! Ninguno de sus planes nunca funcionan, nunca gana y nunca va a derrotar a Sonic y sus amigos!” He contiued. “Now you listen here you, you little bag or bolts! I will win this! And I should take you apart, but I show you mercy!” I exclaimed. “He said, in short terms he say you need to hear this before things go wrong-oh, wait they always do, you plans never work you never win and you’ll never defeat Sonic and his friends.” Orbot summed up. “Hmm. La verdad duele, no es así?” Q-bot laughed. Oh, that I understood. He left the room. ‘I should kill him!’


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