A Cross-Over like No Other-Book 3. Part 5.

[Winter’s view of things]

The blizzard started before I got back to the igloo. Then wind and the snow didn’t bother me, it actually felt good. I was running full speed, I finally reached the igloo. “What took you so long?! I was worried!” Silver raved.

“Silver…you sound like my mother!” I replied. We both started to laugh. Silver sighed. “How’s it feeling?”

He shrugged. We could hear the wind growling outside. “When’s it going to pass?” He asked.

“Not for a while.” I answered. I could feel its energy in the air and the ground, this was a big and strong storm. ‘Let’s get his mind off the blizzard.’ “So, you’re never going to believe what I found.”


“Sled tracks-that’s the good news, the bad news is they head over a cliff.”

“They must be looking for us!” He murmured.

“Who’s, they?” I asked.

[Silver’s view of things]

‘Oh boy, ok.’ “Umm…this isn’t our first time on this planet, humans in habit it and are our friends…Elsa, Anna and Kristoff, and Kristoff owns a sled, so it must mean they’re out looking for us.” I explained. Surprisingly, Winter didn’t make a big fuss about the humans.

“Well, I hope they found shelter, before the storm caught up to them.” She said. I nodded. We sat in silence for a while, then Winter got up. “What?”

She gave me the signal to be quiet. She made her sword. ‘Darn, I wish my ankle wasn’t broken!’ She crawled out, out into the blowing wind.

[Eggman’s view of things]

‘A blizzard?! Ha, that’s even better! That’ll keep with indoors!’ I laughed.

“Sir, I know what you’re thinking, but it works bother ways, know it will be harder to find the Chaos Emeralds…if they are even here this time…” Orbot informed.

“It wasn’t the emeralds or crystals that sent us here you idiot! That’s why I’m building this thing to be powered on electricity!” I yelled. “Get back to work!!” He floated off. ‘Sometimes I wonder why I haven’t disabled those two!’ I breathed. I wondered how we had got here this time, because it wasn’t the Chaos Emeralds, I also wonder if we could go home- “Who cares! This world will be my empire!’

[Winter’s view of things]

Silver and I sit in silence, which allowed me to hear something, not the wind, or the snow, or the hail, no something else. “What?” Silver asked. I gave him the signal to be quiet, I started to walk slowly toward the entrance of the igloo, sword in hand.

“Stay quiet.” I whispered as I crawled out, I guess he didn’t hear me because he didn’t answer. I had that feeling something dangerous was out there. Whatever it was, was using the falling snow as its shield, I couldn’t even see my hand in front of my face! I heard a low growl coming for…somewhere… ‘Darn you snow! I can’t see two inches in front of me ‘cause of you!’ I yelled. This time I heard more than one growl. I was scanning through my mental data base for something…anything that could help me.