Long Life.

What is the one thing on everyone’s mind, other than money? Ageing! Kids what to grow up so fast, adults want to be kids again, arrg! We can’t seem to make up our minds!

Is ageing a good thing or a bad thing? That is the question.

Life as a kid is easy, I mean come on, go to school, do homework, eat, watch television, play video games, play outside, and go to bed…the majority of these things are fun…and easy! Sure, us kids don’t see it that was, and wish we were grown up, so we don’t have to go to school, or listen to our parents, and go to sleep and do whatever we want…only we get to be a grown up and we realize…”Hey, we were better or as kids!”

“I can’t do whatever I want, I have to go to work everyday for five hours, I have to pay the bills, I have to feed my family, I wish I was a kid, again!” We exclaimed.

But we cannot, no matter how hard we try and dream, we will always grow old, it was just meant to be. Now we are old with grandchildren, and we tell them, “Enjoy youth while you can, for it will not last and being a kid is the best part of life, by far!”