A Cross-Over like No Other-book 3. Part 3.

[Shadow’s view of things]

I was in a tree, on a branch, hanging over a cliff. ‘Why? Why? Just why me-and why this place!’ I complained. I had no idea where Winter was, the last thing I remember was kicking some hedgehog butt. I slipped on my last inhibitor ring. The branch I was stuck on was one of those branches that shouldn’t be on the tree and any movement, it would snap, and drop into oblivion. I was on one of these branches. So, I was screwed. Tails and the others had finally found me.

“Don’t move, Shadow!” Tails warned.

“Wasn’t planning to!” I called.

“What are we going to do?” Anna asked.

They didn’t have a plan?! I know they had just found me five seconds ago, but…no plan?! They were whispering, which I found annoying. “Shadow stand up slowly and Tails will fly over and grab you.” Elsa said.

‘I see about five billion-trillion ways this could go wrong, I’ll just state the most likely…Tails misses, or the branch snaps!’ Despite this, I began to stand up slowly, trying not to look down the seemingly bottomless pit. The branch lowered a bit. I took a deep breath. “Any day now Tails!” I said. Finally Tails flew by and grabbed my hand, we landed in the sled. “Never again.” I sighed.

“Ok that solves that problem, but how are we going to get across?” Kristoff asked.

[Winter’s view of things]

I think this was the one situation in my whole life…that I didn’t know what to do! My logic was compromised, by a feeling, that feeling people make with a friend. Silver was at the point of passing out form the pain. I had to find help, if he passed out in this cold, his body would being to shut down. “Silver, I now it’s hard but you can’t close your eyes ok, you can’t close your eyes!” He nodded. I made an igloo to keep him warm, the cold doesn’t bother me.

“Winter, you need to go get help.” He repeated.

“I’ll be back.” I said. I heisted outside the igloo. I inhaled deeply. ‘I’ve got to hurry.’ I started slowly, and then started to pick up speed. I didn’t even know what help I was looking for, I didn’t even know where I was for heaven’s sake! After running through most of the woods I found some sled tracks in the snow, and footprints, human looking footprints. I looked around, wondering if they were watching me right now.

The sled tracks lead to a cliff. I stood at the brink of the cliff and looked down over the edge. ‘That’s quite a fall.’ I thought. Then I saw an arch of ice reaching from one side to another. The sled tracks lead there then stopped, then appeared again on the other side. Then a glimmering snowflake gracefully landed on my nose. I looked up. Lightning filled the sky.

I knew what was coming. “A blizzard! I’ve got to get back to Silver.” I started running back.

[Silver’s view of things]

I saw Winter hesitated through the little ice door on the igloo, then walk off. I looked at my ankle. “Why? Why did you have to bra-why am I talking to my ankle?!”

The pain was breath taking. I heard a loud sound. “What the?” Everything got bright, then an echoing boom. Then, like that, I knew what it was. Thunder and Lightning, a storm, and with these freezing temperatures a snow storm. ‘Winter get back before this storm hits.’ She had been gone for almost an hour, how much longer could she take? ‘Oh no, no, no! Winter doesn’t know about the humans! What if, what if-no Winter would just stay out of sight.’

[Elsa’s view of things]

It had been a year since I had last seem them, and they looked exactly the same. I could feel a storm coming. “There’s a storm coming!” I called.

“How do you know?” Tails asked. Suddenly there was a flash of lightning and a crash of thunder. Tails cringed.

“That’s how.” Shadow put in.

“We are almost to the trading post, we can take shelter there!” Anna informed. Sven started to speed up. Shadow was looking back, his back quills were on end, what did he see? Olaf was looking back too, using an icicle as a telescope.

“What are we looking for?” He asked.

“I don’t know.” He answered. Sven huffed nervously. Tails ears twitched.

“Go!” Tails and Shadow yelled. Something was chasing us, and it wasn’t the storm.