A Cross-Over like No Other-Book 3.

[Somewhere unknown]

“Oh my head-guys?” He was disorientated. An hour ago he was fighting another Mech with his friends, the next…this. He was in the middle of nowhere, lost. Could things get any worse? Well, or course they can! Plus, it always does.

[Sonic’s view of things]

“…What the-no way!” I sprang up. Snow was everywhere. “No, no, please no.” I started rubbing my eyes hopping I was knocked out and would wake up, I didn’t. “This…isn’t…a…dream…why?! Why?!” I yelled. My voice echoed up the North Mountain, I was back in Arendelle. ‘What am I going to do? Should I go the village?’ I didn’t know what to do, this was a problem.

[Knuckles’ view of things]

‘Well, didn’t land in the half frozen river this time.’ In fact the river wasn’t anywhere is sight. I looked around. I was somewhere up the North Mountain. I didn’t see snow flying up, filling the air like dust, not this time. In fact I didn’t see a speck of Sonic blue anywhere. ‘Great. What am I going to do? If I head to the village I might leave somebody behind…’ I didn’t know what to do, this was a problem.

[Tails’ view of things]

I had landed right in front of the castle doors. Kristoff rushed out. “Tails?! Is that you?!” He whispered with surprise.

“Yes.” I whispered back. He shone the lantern’s light on me, it was the middle of the night.

“Come inside out of the cold.” He opened the door and led me inside. When we were inside and I was wrapped in blanks by the fire, and Elsa and Anna had arrived. “Where are the others?”

“I don’t know, but we’ve got to find them.” I answered. Elsa nodded.

“Kristoff, get Sven and your sled ready, we’re going to go look for them.” She ordered. He nodded and ran out the room.

“Don’t worry, we’ll find them.” Anna encouraged.

‘I hope so.’ Soon we were ready to head out.

“Go Sven go!” Kristoff said. Olaf jumped in to the back of the sled with me and Elsa.

“What’s going on?” He yawned.

“We’re looking for some people.” Elsa answered.

“What happened?” He asked with big worried eyes.

“They don’t know their way around, so they got lost.” I answered.

“Oh hey Tails, long time no see!” He smiled, waving. I waved back. I looked behind us. They had to be here somewhere.

[Silver’s view of things]

“What happened?” I got up slowly. I knew by the temperature that I was back in Arendelle. “Great…just great.”

“Good, your awake, I was starting to worry.”


“Who else would it be, silly?” She laughed. She was putting on her inhibitor ring. She extended her hand, I grabbed it and she pulled me up. I felt a rush of pain shoot up my leg. I yelped in pain. “What is it?”

“My ankle…I think it’s broken.” I groaned. She looked at it.

“Do it hurt when I touch it?” She asked, touching it gently. I grimaced. “Yeah, it’s broken.”

“You should…go…look for help.” I whispered.

“Silver, I’m not going to leave you here!”

“Winter, what go is it going to do if we both stay here?” I asked. She sighed. She knew I was right.


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