A Grand Adventure-Book 2. Part 8.

[Shadow’s view of things]

‘Well, Silver isn’t dead…’ Sonic and I were creeping our way toward the hedgehog. He was about our height, black and orange.  We stayed out of sight…the best we could, since this was the mountains, not many trees to hide behind.

We both thought that he hadn’t seen us, but we were taught other wises. “Look out!” Sonic yelled. I jumped out of the way of the fire wave.

“Chaos Spear!”

“Chaos Energy? Ha!” He laughed.

‘Ok, you’ve done it!’ “Chaos Control!” I slowed down time and roundhouse-kicked him in the back of the head.

“What the heck?!” Silver and Sonic exclaimed.

“I stopped him didn’t I?” I asked.

“It’s going to take more that to put me down!” The hedgehog mocked. His whole body was on fire. We could all tell he was going to do something, something bad. A huge burst of fire was headed right to us.

“Chaos Shield!”

The fire seemed alive it was banging on Winter’s shield. “Now look what you did, you got him angry!” Silver scolded. He and Winter where blocking the fire.

“Who is this guy?” Sonic asked. Nobody answered, because nobody knew. Finally he stopped.

“Are you guys alright?” Rouge asked through the radio.

“Fine.” We all said in unison.

[Knuckles’ view of things]

At this point I knew, one hundred percent that the Master Emerald was here. I could feel it, I could also sense trouble. I found a huge whole in the side of a mountain. “Hmm, interesting.” I crept into the cave. ‘Ug! Rouge is rubbing off on me!’ I turned the corner and there was, Eggman!

“I won I finally made a plan that will succeed-that is if my robots find the last Chaos Crystal!” He declared with glee, the first part, anyway. “Orbot!”

“Yes, sir?”

“Have we found the last Crystal yet?”

“No sir, we are still looking.”

“Yes captain-yarr-those scallywags hide that treasure well!” Q-bot added.

“Where is his new voice chip?! This pirate talk is driving me mad!” Eggman yelled.

“Still working on that one as well.” Orbot said.

“Well…work faster!!” He ordered.

As those to idiots left the room, I saw between them, out of the corner of my eye, the Chaos Emeralds and Crystals! ‘I knew it!’ I crept my way out of the cave. I was no 120 percent sure that he also had the Master Emerald. “Tails, Eggman has the Chaos Emeralds and Crystals, and I also think he has the Master Emerald. How are things over there?”

“That hedgehog can give and take a beating!” Tails answered.

“Really, is he that tough?”

“Shadow roundhouse-kicked that guy in the back of the head, yes, he is that tough!” He said, worried.

“What?!” I was shocked. ‘Darn it, I missed it! I missed it!’ “Do you want me to come over to help?”

“No, we’re going to your location to help you get the Master Emerald back, that’s the priority.” Rouge objected. I sighed.

‘She’s right, darn, sometimes I hate my job as guardian.’

[Sonic’s view of things]

‘Ouch, that might have hurt a little.’ This hedgehog was a force worth reckoning with, and I mean it! He was fast and strong…really strong.

“Chaos Blast!”

“Shadow! Watch where you blast!” Silver reminded putting a shield around himself, using his telekinesis. This hedgehog more than once, had gotten Shadow angry, he could have broken my record.

“Sonic, Rouge and I are going to help Knuckles get the Master Emerald back, if you guys finished up there, this is our location.” Tails informed. I looked.

“Ok Tails, we’ll see what we can do here.” I answered. I spin dashed into his back.

“Just go down!” Shadow hissed.

‘That’s like Eggman saying hold still, come on Shadow.’ I rolled my eyes. Winter was pretty quiet. Considering this was an epic fight. ‘Now that I think about it…that hedgehog seems to have something against her.’

[Silver’s view of things]

Shadow ‘Chaos Blasted’ near me and I had to put a shield around myself. “Watch where you blast!” I exclaimed. He looked at me, I sighed. I picked a few ton rocks and threw them on the hedgehog. ‘Take this-I can’t believe I just thought that.’

“Ok, he’s got to be down.” Sonic panted. We waited for a few seconds.

“Nice Silver.” Shadow said, standing behind me.

‘Why didn’t I do that before? This would have been quicker and easier.’ Winter was still looking at the rocks. She seemed unsure. I walked toward her. “Hey, what’s wrong?”

She turned to me, “Nothing.” I have her a face. “He really got Shadow mad.” She smiled.

I knew she was changing the topic, but I went with it. “Yeah, I think he got him angrier than Sonic ever will.” I laughed.

“Guys, come on, Tails, Rouge and Knuckles found the Master Emerald!” Sonic called.

‘Master Emerald? Master-right it’s missing…was missing anyway.’ I had totally forgot about it, I looked at the sun’s position in the sky, it was around ten O’clock.

“Let’s get moving!”