A Grand Adventure-Book 2. Part 7.

[Winter’s view of things]

We were flying near full speed. Tails was radioing Silver, still no answer. “Winter he’s still not answering!” He said in worry. I didn’t answer him.

“Almost there.” I yelled. Tails looked down, for a few minutes nothing, then;

“Winter, there look!” He yelled with glee. I looked down and as sure as the sun rises in the morning, there was Silver. “Let’s go get him!”

“Something’s wrong…why, would his radio be giving static?” I thought out loud. Suddenly fire appeared as if attacking him.

“Winter! What’s going on?” Tails asked.

I felt a spark go off inside me. “…I don’t…know.” I replied.

“Are you ok?” He worried.

“Fine…I’m fine Tails.” I replied.

“We need a plan.”

“Here, take control…”

“What are you gonna do?” He inquired.

“I’m going to help him you keep flying high, I’ll radio you, when we need a pickup.” Before he could answer or protest I jumped down.

“Winter, boy, am I glad to see you.” Silver sighed.

“Mind filling me in?” I asked.

“Um…I was talking to Shadow and then I was attacked by fire, my radio got burnt, and then you showed up…yeah, that’s about it.” He summarized the events. Suddenly more fire sprang out at us. I put up a small wall.

“Ah, a familiar power.” A voice chuckled.

‘…Ok… … …control it! Control it!’

[Rouge’s view of things]

I was starting to think the Master Emerald wasn’t even in Sky Canyon, I mean, the Master Emerald was stolen! It didn’t just get feet and went to go see the sights! “Rogue, the Master Emerald isn’t here.”

“How do you know, Knuckles?” I asked through the radio.

“Because I don’t feel its energy.” He replied. Suddenly Shadow appeared, he looked worried.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“Silver was cut off when I was talking to him, then Winter and Tails went to go look for him and haven’t radioed in, also I now know that valley buy heart! So I’m headed over to the mountains.” He rushed.

“We’ll go with you, the Master Emerald isn’t here anyway.” Knuckles said.

“Let’s get going! I’ll radio Sonic on the way!” I said.

[Sonic’s view of things]

I had that aching feeling that something wasn’t right. I all so had a feeling the Master Emerald wasn’t here. “Sonic! We have a problem.” Rouge’s voice informed.

“What’s up?”

“We’ve lost communication with Silver, and we think somethings wrong.” Rouge answered.

“Ok, on my way, you guys keep going.” I said. I started running through the woods towards the mountains. ‘Least I’m getting away from the ocean.’ I ran through the valley, through Sky Canyon and to the mountains.

“What took you so long?” Shadow asked.

“Oh, that, that hurt.” I gasped.

He gave a smirk. “Hey, look isn’t that the Tornado?” Knuckles asked.

“Yeah!” Rogue said. “I’ll fly over.” She flew toward the Tornado.


[Tails’ view of things]

“Winter, Winter, you guys need to get out of there!” I yelled.

“Stay high Tails, don’t, I repeat, don’t come closer!” She ordered me. I was worried. Fire was attacking them…no a hedgehog was, I caught a glimpse of a black and orange hedgehog in the shadows shooting out fire.

“Winter, I see who’s firing at you! It’s a black and orange hedgehog!” I informed. She didn’t answer, but I knew she heard me.

“Yo, Tails, what’s going on?” Sonic asked, through the radio.

“Sonic, Winter and Silver are being attacked by a hedgehog controlling fire!” I cried.

“Calm down, Rouge is in the air heading toward you.”

I looked to my right, and there she was. “Hmm, let’s see…” she was thinking aloud. “What do you think Tails?”

“Winter told me to stay up here…” I answered.

“Well looks like they could use a little help.” She said.

“Have a plan yet?” Shadow asked.

“The hedgehog attacking them is hiding in the shadows over by that cave.” I informed.

“I’ll take care of him.” Shadow said, sounded menacing…again.

“Fine! I’ll go with him.” Sonic sighed.

“Knuckles and Rogue look for the Master Emerald, it is defiantly here…” I commanded.

“I go look for the Master Emerald, Rogue you’re Tails’ body guard.” Knuckles improvised. I didn’t argue even though I wanted to, really badly. She sat down in the passenger seat. We watched the fight below.