A Grand Adventure-Book 2. Part 6.

[Shadow’s view of things]

“Anything?” I asked. Hoping that he’d answer.

“Same thing as you, static.” She replied. “We’re starting back to where we left him.”

“Radio me when you find him.” I conditioned.

“Ok…we’ll find him Shadow.” She reassured.

“I hope so,” I said to myself. “Silver can get into trouble pretty quickly.”

I had ran through every part of this valley two or three times! ‘I’m going to the mountains, I’d be more helpfully over there then running around this valley for the four time.’ I started out at full speed, everything was a blur, ‘Silver, you’d better not be dead!’ At that thought, I started to run faster.


[Knuckles’ view of things]

I had that aching feeling that something besides the Master Emerald was missing. I had checked the whole sea side…the Master Emerald wasn’t there. “Rouge, what some help?” I asked her.

“Yeah sure, Sky Canyon is huge! No kidding!” She laughed.

“On my way, should be there is 20 minutes.” I said running off. I finally arrived at Sky Canyon.

“That was 25 minutes…” Rogue commented.

I chuckled. “Only five minutes over!”

“Ok, fine I’ll let you slide this time, but next time, big boy, you won’t be so lucky.” She warned.

“Ok, so where are we on the Master Emerald search?” I asked her.

“Still looking.”

‘Angel Island is falling, we’ve got to find the Master Emerald!’

[Sonic’s view of things]

I was zipping through the woods, I wasn’t going to give up. ‘Water is going to flood if I don’t find it, water is going to flood!’ That’s what kept me going. The ground suddenly began to shake, I looked the sun was high in the sky…it was noon! And Angel Island was half way through it descent! ‘Please find the Master Emerald! Please find the Master Emerald!’ I started running again, looking for a shiny, green, huge, emerald. Which was surprisingly hard to find!

[Silver’s view of things]

“Silver, how you holding up?” Shadow asked me through the radio. “Did you fall off yet?”

“Shadow, really?” I chuckled. “No, I’m on the ground, Winter and Tails are flying a few miles away.”


“Nope…not so far, I’m still looking, though.”

“We’ve got to find that Emerald, or else.” He sounded worried.

“Yeah, well I’m not screwed…I can fly! Ha!” I declared.

“Oh, nice.” He said.

“I learn from somebody, but I won’t say who.” I said, wagging my head.

“Oh, really?” He laughed.

“Yeah…you having any luck?” I asked, I don’t know why.

“Silver, if I asked you, it must mean I haven’t had any!” He raved.

“So sorry!” I replied.

“I really think Eggman has something to do with this.” He commented. I looked around, I felt movement again. “Silver? Silver? Can you hear me? Silver, do you copy?” At that very moment fire sprang out of nowhere and I jumped out of the way. I was under attack!

“Shadow, I’m under attack, I got to go! Get help!” I screamed through the radio.

“What are you doing here?” A voice hissed.

“None of your business!”

“I just made it my business!” He hissed in replied. This time I contained his fire. “What?! How did you do that?” He shouted. I didn’t answer, I was too busy trying NOT to die.

‘Shadow use that stupid speed of yours and get help, NOW!’ I thought. This person didn’t show himself. So all I knew was I was fighting…fire.

“I underestimated you, you are stronger than I thought you’d be!”

‘Now, nobody’s EVER said THAT about me before-and I mean ever!’

“But…I have never met anyone stronger than me.” He warned.

“Are you trying to scare me?” I laughed.

“Maybe…are you scared?” He kidda sounded…like…like…like Shadow!

“Nope, not a bit, I’ve been in worse…” I shrugged. He still wasn’t showing himself… ‘At least I think it’s a he, he sure does sound like a he.’


A Grand Adventure-Book 2. Part 5.

[Winter’s view of things]

“Anything?” I yelled over the noise of the wind and propeller. Tails shook his head. ‘This is hopeless!’ I groaned.

“Anything yet?” Sonic asked through the radio.

“None…Sonic, this is hopeless!” I sighed.

“Yeah…don’t tell Knuckles that, though.” He laughed.

“Good idea, any word from the others?” I asked.


“Winter, we might have a problem!” Shadow’s voice began.

‘Another? Because the Master Emerald missing is one!’ I thought.

[At G.U.N Headquarters]

“Commander!” An agent called.

“Yes, what is it?” The Commander asked, walking over.

“Angel Island is following out of the sky!” He exclaimed.

“What?!” The Commander and every other agent in the room cried.

“Agent Rogue, this is the Commander do you copy?”

“Agent Rogue, yes sir, I do copy.”

“Angel Island is falling out of the sky. Where’s the Master Emerald?”

“About that, the others and I have been looking for it for hours, now, and we haven’t found it yet.” She replied.

“We will begin to sure as well.” He informed.


[Rogue’s view of things]

“This is hopeless.” I said to Tails.

“I know, but we can’t give up.” He sighed. “The Master Emerald should be put an in titanium dome!” Tails declared. We chuckled.

“I hear that!” Knuckles barged into the conversation.

“You guys are busted!” Sonic sounded like a five year old.

“It was Tails!”


We all started to laugh.

[Tails’ view of things]

We all started laughing. I turned to Winter, she was talking to somebody, I couldn’t really hear what she was saying over all the noise. “What’s wrong Winter?” I asked her. She didn’t answer. She was still talking. She began to talk louder like she wanted me to hear.

“What? Shadow are you sure? Ok I’ll give him a call, hold on.” She answered.

“What’s going on?” I repeated.

“Shadow was talking with Silver, and he just cut off.” She informed.

“So you’re going to try to call him and see if it was just with Shadow or something?” I asked.

“Precisely…” she smiled and troublesome smile. “Now what were you three talking about? Trade secrete!”

‘Oh, darn! She got me!’ I groaned. “How hopeless this is, and that the Master Emerald should be put under a titanium dome…but then we got caught by Knuckles and then Sonic made a joke and we all started to laugh.” She nodded. “Ya ganna call Silver now?”

“Silver, Silver?” She talked through the radio. Static. We looked at each other.

“Let go check on him!” We both said, with worry.

A Grand Adventure-Book 2. Part 4.

[Shadow’s view of things]

‘The Master Emerald, stolen again…great…’ I sighed. I knew what would happen if we didn’t find it within the next 24 hours…it would fall into the ocean, and we’d all have to make an Ark to survive… ‘Though it would be nice to see Sonic’s panicked face-geezz, Silver’s right, I am mean!’ I stopped. “Speaking of which-Silver, how you holding up?” I asked him through the radio. “Did you fall off yet?”

“Shadow, really?” He chuckled. “No, I’m on the ground, Winter and Tails are flying a few miles away.”


“Nope…not so far, I’m still looking, though.”

“We’ve got to find that Emerald, or else.” I reminded.

“Yeah, well I’m not screwed…I can fly! Ha!” He declared.

“Oh, nice.” I said, rolling my eyes.

“I learn from somebody I won’t say how.” He said sarcastically.

“Oh, really?” I laughed.

“Yeah…you having any luck?”

“Silver, if I asked you it must me I haven’t had any!” I answered.

“So sorry!” He replied.

“I really think Eggman has something to do with this.” I commented. Silver didn’t answer. “Silver? Silver? Can you hear me? Silver, do you copy?”

“Shadow…I…got… … …” He was cut off.


[Sonic’s view of things]

‘Yeah…haha, like I’m going to search the shore…’ I laughed. I was running at a slower pace…the Master Emerald is green, just like…ALL THESE TREES! I could see Angel Island over the tree tops, but it was falling, falling pretty quickly…‘Gotta hurry! Gotta find that darn Emerald!’

[Knuckle’s view of things]

“Any luck?”

“…No, Knuckles, but we’re not giving up, we’ll keep looking…” Rouge answered.

“I still think Eggman has it!” I growled.

“We’ll find it, Knuckles, we’ll find it.” She whispered. I sighed. I looked, Angel Island was falling.

[Eggman’s view of things]

I was amazed, this hedgehog could control fire and wind! It’s one thing to start a fire, it’s another to control it! “Our plan is working perfectly!” I declared.

“We still need the last one.” He hissed.

“Yes well, I have robots searching for it…we’ll find it, while those fools are searching for the Master Emerald, nothing can stop us!” I laughed.

“Nothing’s ever that easy, you must keep that in mind, stay under the radar, G.U.N is still against us.” He reminded. “And you know who they will call-”

“Yes, yes, Shadow and Rogue, I do know that, I’ve been doing this for a long time.” I interrupted.

“Yes, and you still haven’t learned for you failures…sad.” Our hideout was in the mountains. Our alarms went off.

“Go check it out.” I ordered him. He nodded, and ran off.