Playing Baseball.

Just five minutes ago my brother and I were playing baseball in our front yard. But you couldn’t have guessed that just by look, you’d have to asked. Why, would you have to ask, I mean baseball is so common these days? You may wonder.

Yeah we had a baseball, but no gloves of a bat, in fact our bat was a thick stick, and there were no bases, just if you hit the ball it’s an automatic home run and it’s the other person’s turn at bat. It was fun!

The funny thing is my mother tells me stories of how her and her friends would gather together find a stick and a ball and place base ball, teams and everything, I laughed! I thought it was cool and funny, but it never did cross my mind to do it with my brother, it all happened…magically. I was throwing the baseball up and down, then my brother finds a stick and say, “Throw me a pitch!” And without thinking I did, and before we knew it, we were playing baseball! Almost like in my mom’s stories!

Mom was laughing at us, but it was fun! The down side…my…brother…won. :/


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