A Grand Adventure. Part 8.

[Tails’ view of things]

Shadow, Sonic, Silver, myself and Winter were all headed to the same room, any robots that got in our way, soon regretted it. We stopped at the doors of the main room. “Locked.” I informed.

“Chaos Blast!”

It didn’t even make as much as a dent! “Silver, try to unlock the lock.” Sonic said.

“I’ll try…” He answered. Winter was looking at the lock and the door.

“Any ideas?” I asked. She shrugged.

“If the Crystals and Emeralds are in the room…can’t we use Chaos Control?” Sonic asked.

“The Emeralds aren’t that strong.” I answered.

“The Crystals are, I could use Chaos Control and then let you guys in from the inside.” Winter suggested.

“It’s risky…” Shadow commented.

“What’s life without the danger?” She replied.

“Ok, do it.”

[Winter’s view of things]

“Chaos Control!” I appeared in the room behind the doors. Robots from all direction started to fire. I put up ice walls to protect myself. “Ha!” I laughed as I pushed the walls out. The robot’s ammo was the type that exploded on impact, so when they hit my walls, which were close to the robots, they were in the range of the explosion.

“No! There’re more where that came from!” Eggman raved.

‘Then I’m going to need backup.’ I shot an icicle at the button that opened the door. The others ran in.

“Took you so long?” Sonic asked. More robots rushed in.

“Them.” I answered casually.

“You go for the emeralds, Winter and I’ll take care of the robots.” Shadow said to Sonic.

“You’re not getting anything!” Eggman laughed. His new Mech powered by six of the seven Chaos Crystals grabbed Sonic, again. “Nobody move, or else!” Eggman threatened.

“Oh come on!” Silver sighed.

‘You’ve got to be kidding me!’

[Knuckles’ view of things]

“Look out!” Rogue pushed me down, a robot missed use by inches. I blinked, she sighed. She gave me a hand getting up. “That was close.” She laughed.

“Yeah.” I answered punching the head off a robot. “What do you think is taking them so long?”

“It’s only been 30 minutes, you sound like Sonic, Knuckles.” She answered. I couldn’t believe it, I did! More robots came swarming out. “You’d think they’d go to defend Eggman.”

There were kidda…a lot, of robots now…too many. “Fire!”

“What?!” Rogue and I turned to see a group of G.U.N Agents.

“Perfect time, guys!” Rogue waved.

“Where are the others?” Agent Andrews asked.

“They’re inside the base already.” I answered. ‘And sure are taking their time!’