A Grand Adventure. Part 7.

[Shadow’s view of things]

I was surprised this hedgehog had such power, I mean seriously, a snow tornado?! “Lyric most likely has another place…somewhere.” Winter called.

“Agent Shadow…come in, we’ve located Eggman’s base, sending location.” The G.U.N Commander said through my communicator.

“Or Eggman has another place.” Sonic smiled.

“Right, on our way.” I replied. We all started to pick up speed.

“Where are we headed?” Tails asked.

“The valley before the woods.” I answered. We begin to run faster.

“At this speed we should reach the base in two minutes, we need a plan!” Rogue reminded. We stopped. We all turned to Sonic.

“Why me?” He asked.

“We are picking up huge energy masses, he has Chaos Emeralds…and something else, much more powerful.” A G.U.N Agent warned. “Be careful.”

“Understood, making a plan now.” I replied. I turned off the communicator. “Anyone? Plan? Now!” They all gave me a blank faces. I put my hand to my face and groaned. ‘You have got to be kidding, no plan?!’

[Knuckles’ view of things]

‘What’s he mad at me about? I never make the plans…in fact he or Sonic do.’ I thought. ‘Why don’t you ask your boss, Shadow that is his job…to boss you around?’

“Ok, Knuckles and Rogue take care of bots, Winter you take care of Lyric and the Chaos Crystals…Shadow, the Emeralds…Silver, you Tails and I take care of Eggman.” Sonic planned. We all looked at him. “What you asked for a plan I gave you one, now you’re going to be picky?!”

“No, there’s not time! Let’s move.” Winter answered.

‘What is it with Sonic putting me with Rogue?! Oh whatever.’ “Let’s get going, Rogue.” I said, running off. We all took care of the robots outside but then we split up. The robots were fairly easy to kill, but they came in bigger groups…not so easy.

“Is it just me or has Eggman’s robots gotten smarter?” Rouge panted.

“Yeah…I think they have.” I said catching my breath. ‘By a long shot.’