A Grand Adventure. Part 4.

[Silver’s view of things]

“My head…” I jumped up. “Shadow? Eggman.” I looked around, I saw neither. I was in a clearing, a cliff behind me and the woods in front. I wondered how Eggman could have used Chaos Control…or at least I think it was Chaos Control. I was uneasy…or insecure, as my friends called it. I was alone, and somewhat lost.

I took a look around, and that’s when I noticed a female hedgehog I had never seen before, standing at the top of the cliff. My heart skipped a beat. I ducked down in the tall grass. ‘Please don’t see me, please, please, please, don’t see me!’

She was talking to herself. “Three of the seven Chaos Crystals are in the hands of the enemy, the other four are still to be found. I don’t know how many Chaos Emeralds they have…the Crystals are my problem, not the Emeralds.”

‘Chaos Crystals? What in the world are those?’

The hedgehog turned. I held my breath. She was looking right at me! Half of me wanted to run, but the other half didn’t want to move. She got up, she was headed my way. “I see you there, who are you?”

I didn’t answer. ‘I’m dead, oh I’m so dead.’ She made an icicle so big and thick it looked like a sword! I knew I couldn’t outrun her. She was now right in front of me, I got up. “I won’t ask you again, who are you?” She repeated. That pointy part was at my chest.

I took a deep breath. “S-Silver.” I stammered.

“Did Lyric send you?”

“Who?” I really hadn’t the slightest clue who he was.

“Good…so who do you work for?”

“N-Nobody.” I answered. She gave me a face of disbelief. “I help G.U.N out sometimes, because two of my friends are agents.” She lowered her sword-like…thing. ‘Oh thank goodness.’ I sighed to myself.

“Sorry about that.”

“Yeah, don’t sweat it. By the way, who are you?” I answered.

“… … …” She didn’t answer right away. “Winter the Hedgehog.”

[Sonic’s view of things]

“Nothing.” Knuckles answered through the radio.

“Have you tried radioing them?” Rogue asked.

“Yes, twice! I think Shadow’s radio is broken, and Silver just won’t answer.” I informed.

“Sonic, G.U.N will help.” Rogue repeated. I looked at Tails he shrugged.

“What do you think, Knuckles?” I asked.

“What better chose do we have, we’ve been searching for hours?” He sighed.

“Alright Rouge, make the call.” I permitted. I sit on a rock. Tails just flew in place. It took a few minutes.

“Ok, so G.U.N it working on triangulating their positions, but it’s going to take some time, so we should keep looking, he also said he’s going to organize a search party. Told you they would help.” Rouge said in an ‘I told you so,’ tone. I laughed.

“Ok, meet us at Sky Canyon, then we can look together.” Tails said. We raced to Sky Canyon.

[Shadow’s view of things]

“I couldn’t have do it without Lyric…and this.” He held out a crystal. I gave a blank face.

“This is a Chaos Crystal…much like your Chaos Emeralds, only much more powerful.” Lyric explained.

“What’s that got to do with my question?” I asked.

“Unlike the Emeralds, the Crystals can be used to activate Chaos Control by machines as well as living things-thing, anyway.” Lyric finished.

“Really?” I smirked. I took the Crystal from Eggman’s hand. “Then I guess I can use it to get out of here, can’t I?”

Lyric grinned. “Be my guest, it’s not like I’m the one who’s going to get hurt.”

Dr. Eggman laughed. ‘What does he mean…get hurt? I’m not going to find out, this is the one time I didn’t get hurt I’m keeping it that way!’

“So, Shadow do you mind giving the Crystal to somebody who knows how to use it.” Eggman said, greedily.

“And who would that be?” I asked, mockingly.

“Us.” Lyric answered.

“Yeah-no, sorry.” I said, putting it behind my back.

“We have a Mech, and lots of robots!”

“Nothing new.” I shrugged.

[Silver’s view of things]

“So you’re the guardian of these Crystals?” I asked. She nodded. “Kidda like the guardian of the Master Emerald, right?”

“Kidda, I don’t have a floating island, and I don’t know where the Crystals are, actually…” she said awkwardly.

“What?! How can you guard them…if…you don’t know where they are?!” I asked, shocked. She shrugged.

“When I became guardian there was no danger…so they were scattered, now Lyric’s back…and…”

“I’ll help you Winter.” I said.


“I’ll help you find the Chaos Crystals.” I repeated.

“But aren’t you lost, what about your friends.” She asked me.

“Trust me we’ll bump into each other.” I laughed.

“Ok, Silver.”