A Grand Adventure. Part 10.

[Eggman’s view of things]

The robots were keeping them busy. “Ready Eggman?” Lyric hissed. I nodded. I pushed a button. The whole base was put on lock down, only for one hole in the roof for Lyric and I to leave.

“What happened?” Silver asked.

“The whole base is put on lock down and is going to blow in 10 minutes! Haha!” I decleared.

“What?!” The all said, shocked. It felt good to see their shocked faces.

‘Victory, finally! I Doctor Eggman, have won!!’ I was filled with joy I won, I really won!

[Knuckles’ view of things]

The whole base was placed on lock down…with Sonic, Shadow, Silver, Tails, and Winter still inside!! “Where are they?!” Rogue asked.

“I don’t…think-I think they’re still in there!” I answered.


“Ah, Rogue, Knuckles…I think you should know your friends are history…the base is going to self-destruct with you friends inside! Haha!”

“What?!” We all exclaimed. ‘No, they’ll make it out…they have too!’

[Winter’s view of things]

“There’s no why out!” Silver called.

“This is the same metal the door was made of.” Tails informed. “Maybe you and Sonic can blast through it, you are suppered.” The made a dent but couldn’t break through.

“How much longer?” I asked, awkwardly.

“I’d say about five minutes,” Tails answered.

“We should use Chaos Control to get out of here.” Silver said.

“No…we can’t…” they all looked at me. “The Crystals and Emeralds cannot be used together or near each other…”

“Why not?” Sonic asked.

“Does it matter?!” Shadow asked, annoyed.

“Shadow!” Tails began.

“What?! What now?!”

“If you take off your inhibitor ring you could just have enough power to blast through!” He finished. He nodded, as he began to remove his four rings.

“How much longer do we have?” He asked.

“Three minutes!”

“I’m not going to make it.” He said, struggling.

‘I have to…if I don’t we’re all going to die.’

“What are you doing?” Silver whispered.

“I’m going to help Shadow.” I answered, as I took off my fourth, and last inhibitor ring.

“What the-”

“No time to explain, Shadow, use Chaos Spear!” I interrupted.

“Chaos Spear!”

“Chaos Freeze!” I yelled. We blasted through. “Go, go, go!” I called. We ran. Shadow and I were able to blast through the last door with ease. I could feel the heat from the blast, I feel on my back, as did the others.

“Guys! You made it out!” Knuckles and Rouge said with joy.

“Did you think otherwise?!” Sonic scolded. I could feel it creeping up my spine, I was starting to have a problem controlling it…I rushed on my inhibitor rings. Nobody noticed. ‘To close…why to close…’

Shadow walked over to me. “Now you have time to explain…” he said.

“What is there to explain? I have Chaos Energy inside me like you, I contain it with my inhibitor rings, like you…” I said, tensely. He sighed, like he understood…or something….

“Hey, Winter how would you like to stay with us?” Sonic asked my in privet.

“…Hmm…let’s see…” Sonic made a face. “Yes, I think I would…” I smiled. He put his hand on my shoulder and walked off. ‘Hmm…this could be good…as long as I can keep it under control…yeah, this could be good.’

[One Day Later, On Angel Island]

The wind was blowing, as I ran back to my island…when I got to the Mater Emerald Shrine… “The Mater Emerald is gone!! Angel Island is going to fall!” I exclaimed. ‘I’ve got to get help!’


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  1. …What’s the ‘it,’ that Winter could feel creeping up here spine, and was having a hard time to control?
    (Ah, Knuckles losing the Master Emerald…again…*sighs*…:/

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