A Grand Adventure. Part 9.

[Silver’s view of things]

“That’s right, don’t move!” Eggman reminded.

‘Really, Sonic again?’ I sighed.

“Now, we can talk.”

‘Yeah sure, Eggman, talk? Haha! Give me a break!’ Sonic was trying to get free, I don’t see why, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out he can’t. Shadow was looking around, the robots were getting closer. I got in front of Tails. Winter had he icicle-thing in her hand. It kidda reminded me or Amy’s hammer, but she used it like a sword. We didn’t move. Eggman had a smile on his face. Tails tapped me on the back.

“What?” I whispered.

“Is it just me or is that thing aiming at us?” He whispered back. I followed his gaze and saw a canon of some sort aimed at us.

“Oh crud…” I whispered.

[Sonic’s view of things]

I could see the canon getting ready to fire at them, but I couldn’t really tell them, it was hard enough to breathe, let alone talk, also I couldn’t really move. ‘One of you notice…and do something!’ I thought. I think Silver and Tails notice, but I couldn’t tell…because they didn’t do anything!

‘Got…to…break…free…’ I struggled. No good, ‘If only we had a Chaos Emerald, or something!!’ Silver whispered something to Shadow and he turned and saw the canon. ‘Finally…it’s about time…now, DO SOMETHING!’

[Rouge’s view of things]

‘Ok they are taking longer than usual.’

“How long should they have been gone?” Agent Andrews asked.

“We don’t use time frames…but they should have been out by now….” Knuckles answered. I was deep in thought.



“I’m picking up a mechanism…preparing to fire.” An Agent from his squad informed.

“Where?!” The three of us asked.

She hesitated. “…The main room…”

“What type of mechanism?” Knuckles asked.

“A gun of some sort.” She answered. Knuckles looked at me.

“Do we go in after them?” Andrew asked.

“No, they can handle themselves, we need to keep the robots from getting to the main room.” I answered.

‘You guys better have come out ok, or else!’

[Shadow’s view of things]

“Shadow…we’re in trouble…” Sliver whispered pointing, I followed his finger.

“Blast it!” I whispered angrily.

“Don’t say that!” He whimpered. Winter most have spotted it because she had a worried look. Eggman and Lyric seemed pleased.

“Any last words?” The laughed.

“Yeah…Chaos Shield!” Winter answered. The weapon fired.

“What the-no!” Eggman cried. Sonic used this opportunity to free himself.

“What?! You have Chaos Powers?!” He panted. Winter shrugged.

“I used it didn’t I? So I’ve got to have them. Now let’s get the Emeralds and Crystals and scat!”

“The Crystals are inside the Mech!” Tails reminded.


“Well…before we do anything…let’s get rid of that canon…Chaos Spear!” I suggested…and didn’t wait for an answer. “Now we can play with it.”

Silver and Sonic went for the Emeralds. Winter, Tails and I took care of the Mech. Out of nowhere hundreds and hundreds of robots came. “Where did they come from?!” Tails asked.

“Who cares, we all know where they’re going!” Winter answered.

I wasn’t so sure…there where a lot of robots…“Chaos Blast!” There we just too many. Suddenly a few hundred robots exploded. “You sure took your time!” I said, gasping for breath. Silver and Sonic had turned super.