A Grand Adventure. Part 2.

[Knuckle’s view of things]

“Ok, I know Eggman has done some crazy things but this…this is ridiculous!” I commented.

“I think he was attacked.” Rogue answered. She was looking at some demolished robots. There was a foot print in the dirt. I looked at it, then at Sonic, he must of notice too because he put his foot next to the print, they were about the same size. “Another hedgehog?” Rogue asked with disbelief.

“Looks like it.” Sonic answered, taking his foot away.

“Agent Shadow? What’s going on?” The G.U.N Commander asked. Shadow hesitated. “Was Eggman there or not?”

“Yes, he was…but before we got here something happened…”

“What? What happened?”

“He was attacked and now there is no sign of him.” Shadow finished.

“How?! Who?!”

“We don’t know, sir.”

“Hmm. Darn! Well, I guess we should abort the mission.”

“Yes sir.”

“What did he say?” Silver asked.

“Abort the mission.” Shadow answered plainly.

“What? That’s it? We aren’t going to look for Eggman, or this hedgehog?” Sonic asked.

Shadow had that grin again, “Well, G.U.N won’t help us…but who needs there help, let’s go!”

“Yes!” I sighed as we ran off.

[G.U.N Commander’s view of things]

‘Darn you Doctor! You can’t stay hidden forever! We will find you!’ I was standing the middle of the command room, computers, radars, and other things were binging, ringing, and humming. I had been commander of the Guardians of the United Nations for 20 years, and it still hasn’t gotten any easier.

[Rouge’s view of things]

Tails and I were getting a bird’s eye view of things, looking for any signs of which way the hedgehog or Eggman went. All we saw was trouble. “Giant Mech 9 o’clock!” I warned. A rocket was fired at us.

“Chaos Blast!”

“Hey Eggman, we missed ya!” Sonic called.

“Really?” Dr. Eggman smiled.

“Yeah. We did.” Knuckles replied. I caught on to what they were doing when Shadow and Silver snuck to the back of the Mech.

“Sure, why not?” I continued.

“Well I missed bothering you, to be honest.” He answered.

[Dr. Eggman’s view of things]

I was ready for attacks, anything…but this.

“Ya know another thing we miss?” Sonic began. I got that aching feeling. “Defeating you!”

At that very moment my Mech powered off. “What?” I turned around, Shadow and Silver stood holding some wires, which the ripped right of my back.

“Ya, we miss the easy victory.” Silver laughed. I was angry with myself for falling for their trap…again. Then I remembered.

“I’ll be seeing you!” I laughed as I pushed a button.