A question we have been asking ever since we could talk, why? Why this, and why that. Now that we are older we ask ‘why’ to more complicated things, and we usually don’t get the answer. Why? Why don’t they answer our reasonable questions? Why? Why do they never know the answer? Why? Why do we follow something that we can’t explain?

Why…I most likely use that one word ten or twelve times a day…why? ‘Why do you need to be 16 years old to drive?’ ‘Why isn’t collage free?’ ‘Why is the world the way it is?’ Why?

‘Because it’s the law.’ ‘That’s the way it is.’ ‘I don’t know.’

‘Why is it the law?’ ‘Why is it like that?’ ‘Why don’t you know?’

Socrates, we all know who he was. A Greek philosopher to taught through questions, he taught his students to question things…to ask questions. He was killed for this teaching. We also have a saying, curiosity kills the cat. People use this to make us stop asking questions…why?

I think it’s because our questions make them second guess themselves. In there minds they start asking themselves why? They start to feel insecure as they wonder…why? I still have one question… …why is that?