Long Life.

What is the one thing on everyone’s mind, other than money? Ageing! Kids what to grow up so fast, adults want to be kids again, arrg! We can’t seem to make up our minds!

Is ageing a good thing or a bad thing? That is the question.

Life as a kid is easy, I mean come on, go to school, do homework, eat, watch television, play video games, play outside, and go to bed…the majority of these things are fun…and easy! Sure, us kids don’t see it that was, and wish we were grown up, so we don’t have to go to school, or listen to our parents, and go to sleep and do whatever we want…only we get to be a grown up and we realize…”Hey, we were better or as kids!”

“I can’t do whatever I want, I have to go to work everyday for five hours, I have to pay the bills, I have to feed my family, I wish I was a kid, again!” We exclaimed.

But we cannot, no matter how hard we try and dream, we will always grow old, it was just meant to be. Now we are old with grandchildren, and we tell them, “Enjoy youth while you can, for it will not last and being a kid is the best part of life, by far!”



A Cross-Over like No Other-book 3. Part 3.

[Shadow’s view of things]

I was in a tree, on a branch, hanging over a cliff. ‘Why? Why? Just why me-and why this place!’ I complained. I had no idea where Winter was, the last thing I remember was kicking some hedgehog butt. I slipped on my last inhibitor ring. The branch I was stuck on was one of those branches that shouldn’t be on the tree and any movement, it would snap, and drop into oblivion. I was on one of these branches. So, I was screwed. Tails and the others had finally found me.

“Don’t move, Shadow!” Tails warned.

“Wasn’t planning to!” I called.

“What are we going to do?” Anna asked.

They didn’t have a plan?! I know they had just found me five seconds ago, but…no plan?! They were whispering, which I found annoying. “Shadow stand up slowly and Tails will fly over and grab you.” Elsa said.

‘I see about five billion-trillion ways this could go wrong, I’ll just state the most likely…Tails misses, or the branch snaps!’ Despite this, I began to stand up slowly, trying not to look down the seemingly bottomless pit. The branch lowered a bit. I took a deep breath. “Any day now Tails!” I said. Finally Tails flew by and grabbed my hand, we landed in the sled. “Never again.” I sighed.

“Ok that solves that problem, but how are we going to get across?” Kristoff asked.

[Winter’s view of things]

I think this was the one situation in my whole life…that I didn’t know what to do! My logic was compromised, by a feeling, that feeling people make with a friend. Silver was at the point of passing out form the pain. I had to find help, if he passed out in this cold, his body would being to shut down. “Silver, I now it’s hard but you can’t close your eyes ok, you can’t close your eyes!” He nodded. I made an igloo to keep him warm, the cold doesn’t bother me.

“Winter, you need to go get help.” He repeated.

“I’ll be back.” I said. I heisted outside the igloo. I inhaled deeply. ‘I’ve got to hurry.’ I started slowly, and then started to pick up speed. I didn’t even know what help I was looking for, I didn’t even know where I was for heaven’s sake! After running through most of the woods I found some sled tracks in the snow, and footprints, human looking footprints. I looked around, wondering if they were watching me right now.

The sled tracks lead to a cliff. I stood at the brink of the cliff and looked down over the edge. ‘That’s quite a fall.’ I thought. Then I saw an arch of ice reaching from one side to another. The sled tracks lead there then stopped, then appeared again on the other side. Then a glimmering snowflake gracefully landed on my nose. I looked up. Lightning filled the sky.

I knew what was coming. “A blizzard! I’ve got to get back to Silver.” I started running back.

[Silver’s view of things]

I saw Winter hesitated through the little ice door on the igloo, then walk off. I looked at my ankle. “Why? Why did you have to bra-why am I talking to my ankle?!”

The pain was breath taking. I heard a loud sound. “What the?” Everything got bright, then an echoing boom. Then, like that, I knew what it was. Thunder and Lightning, a storm, and with these freezing temperatures a snow storm. ‘Winter get back before this storm hits.’ She had been gone for almost an hour, how much longer could she take? ‘Oh no, no, no! Winter doesn’t know about the humans! What if, what if-no Winter would just stay out of sight.’

[Elsa’s view of things]

It had been a year since I had last seem them, and they looked exactly the same. I could feel a storm coming. “There’s a storm coming!” I called.

“How do you know?” Tails asked. Suddenly there was a flash of lightning and a crash of thunder. Tails cringed.

“That’s how.” Shadow put in.

“We are almost to the trading post, we can take shelter there!” Anna informed. Sven started to speed up. Shadow was looking back, his back quills were on end, what did he see? Olaf was looking back too, using an icicle as a telescope.

“What are we looking for?” He asked.

“I don’t know.” He answered. Sven huffed nervously. Tails ears twitched.

“Go!” Tails and Shadow yelled. Something was chasing us, and it wasn’t the storm.

A Cross-Over like No Other-Book 3. Part 2.

[Sonic’s view of things]

I think I walked half way down the mountain. I was walking through a few trees that had grown on the side of the mountain. Then I saw puffs of smoke. ‘Heat!’ I raced. I found a cabin, it turned out to be a trading post, next to that trading post was a shed covered in snow. ‘Well, it’s better than nothing.’ There was a bed of hay and it was warm. I sat down to catch my breath. “Ok…so what am I going to do?” I was talking to myself. Something move behind the stake of hay I was laying on. I got down, I slowly crept to peek, and my heart was racing. “Rouge!” I sighed.

“Sonic! I thought you were something else.”

“Me too.” I answered. The doors opened. We both gasped and hid in the hay.

“It’s colder than I remembered.” The voice shivered.



I popped my head out of the pile of hay. I also helped Rogue out. We brushed ourselves off. “Ok, so the three of us are here…but where are the others?” Knuckles asked.

“I scouted the upper part of this mountain, we didn’t leave anyone behind.” I informed.

“I checked out the woods a few miles downhill.” Rouge said.

“And I came for the south-which means they’re either at the village or farther down the mountain.” Knuckles concluded.

[Knuckles’ view of things]

‘Good, so we didn’t leave anyone behind.’

“So do we keep going?” Rouge asked. It was cold, if we were going to keep going, I needed to warm up. A gust of wind blew the doors open, I closed them.

“If were here, Eggman has to be here, too. And we know what he wants.” Sonic said.

“Yeah, we need to find the others and stop him-right, we don’t know what he’s planning!” I replied.

[Anna’s view of things]

We were about half way up the mountain, and we hadn’t found anyone! “They’ve got to be here, somewhere!” Kristoff called.

‘If I was lost on this freezing mountain, where would I head, other than the village-’ “The trading post!” I said.

“What?” Elsa asked.

“The trading post up this mountain, there’s a shed, they could be there!” I explained. Tails’ eyes light up, I could tell these friends didn’t like to be separated. I looked in the snow. “Footprints!”

“Knuckles.” Tails whispered. Sven started going faster.

“Kristoff, the cliff!” I reminded. Sven came to a screeching halt.

A Cross-Over like No Other-Book 3.

[Somewhere unknown]

“Oh my head-guys?” He was disorientated. An hour ago he was fighting another Mech with his friends, the next…this. He was in the middle of nowhere, lost. Could things get any worse? Well, or course they can! Plus, it always does.

[Sonic’s view of things]

“…What the-no way!” I sprang up. Snow was everywhere. “No, no, please no.” I started rubbing my eyes hopping I was knocked out and would wake up, I didn’t. “This…isn’t…a…dream…why?! Why?!” I yelled. My voice echoed up the North Mountain, I was back in Arendelle. ‘What am I going to do? Should I go the village?’ I didn’t know what to do, this was a problem.

[Knuckles’ view of things]

‘Well, didn’t land in the half frozen river this time.’ In fact the river wasn’t anywhere is sight. I looked around. I was somewhere up the North Mountain. I didn’t see snow flying up, filling the air like dust, not this time. In fact I didn’t see a speck of Sonic blue anywhere. ‘Great. What am I going to do? If I head to the village I might leave somebody behind…’ I didn’t know what to do, this was a problem.

[Tails’ view of things]

I had landed right in front of the castle doors. Kristoff rushed out. “Tails?! Is that you?!” He whispered with surprise.

“Yes.” I whispered back. He shone the lantern’s light on me, it was the middle of the night.

“Come inside out of the cold.” He opened the door and led me inside. When we were inside and I was wrapped in blanks by the fire, and Elsa and Anna had arrived. “Where are the others?”

“I don’t know, but we’ve got to find them.” I answered. Elsa nodded.

“Kristoff, get Sven and your sled ready, we’re going to go look for them.” She ordered. He nodded and ran out the room.

“Don’t worry, we’ll find them.” Anna encouraged.

‘I hope so.’ Soon we were ready to head out.

“Go Sven go!” Kristoff said. Olaf jumped in to the back of the sled with me and Elsa.

“What’s going on?” He yawned.

“We’re looking for some people.” Elsa answered.

“What happened?” He asked with big worried eyes.

“They don’t know their way around, so they got lost.” I answered.

“Oh hey Tails, long time no see!” He smiled, waving. I waved back. I looked behind us. They had to be here somewhere.

[Silver’s view of things]

“What happened?” I got up slowly. I knew by the temperature that I was back in Arendelle. “Great…just great.”

“Good, your awake, I was starting to worry.”


“Who else would it be, silly?” She laughed. She was putting on her inhibitor ring. She extended her hand, I grabbed it and she pulled me up. I felt a rush of pain shoot up my leg. I yelped in pain. “What is it?”

“My ankle…I think it’s broken.” I groaned. She looked at it.

“Do it hurt when I touch it?” She asked, touching it gently. I grimaced. “Yeah, it’s broken.”

“You should…go…look for help.” I whispered.

“Silver, I’m not going to leave you here!”

“Winter, what go is it going to do if we both stay here?” I asked. She sighed. She knew I was right.

May 23, 2015. Heads up.

The stories, A Cross-Over like No Other, A Grand Adventure 1&2 are cannon, meaning that they make on big story. I just wanted to make this clear, because a few have been getting confused, anyway, that’s it. Happy reading! 🙂

A Grand Adventure-Book 2. Part 10. (Final).

[Rogue’s view of things]

I had opened the lock and turned off the lasers, but the very moment I did this the robots went insane! They were trigger happy, shooting at everything! “Look out!” I pushed Knuckles down, a laser missed us by a few inches. “What do you think happened?” I asked.

“I don’t know.” He replied. Then the unthinkable happened, one by one, each robot bashed itself against the cave wall making a hole. “Well, I did tell them to just die.” Knuckles mumbled to himself.

“Hey guys, need some help getting the Master Emerald back to Angel Island?” Silver smiled.

“Yes, we only have ten minutes!” I exclaimed.

“Let’s go we’re going to take the Tornado!” He said. Knuckles carried the Master Emerald and sent it on the back off the plane, right behind the passenger seat, and sat on top of it. Silver climbed into the pilot seat. I sat in the passenger seat.

“Let go!”

We took off into the sky. “Rouge have you got the Master Emerald?” The Commander asked.

“Yes, we are on our way to Angel Island now.” I answered.

“Look!” Silver gasped. The bottom tip of Angel Island was already in the water.

“Can you make this thing go faster?” Knuckles asked. Silver started picking up speed. We made it to a half-submerged, Angel Island. The water was already creeping farther then is should, up the shore.

“Knuckles, you’re going to have to jump for it!” Silver yelled. He nodded. Silver flew close to the altar and Knuckles jumped. He placed the Master Emerald on the altar, and said his chant and Angel Island began to rise.

“Yes!” Silver and I cheered giving each other high fives. Knuckles waved to us, jumping for joy.

[At G.U.N Headquarters]

“Whoa! Yes! Thank goodness! They did it!” Everyone was cheering in union. On the big screen it showed Angel Island rising back into the sky.

“Knuckles go help your friends, a troop is on their way to guard the Emerald while you’re gone.” The Commander smiled.

“Thank you sir.” He answered.

[Silver’s view of things]

‘Crises evirated!’ I sighed.

“Nice work guys! Now let’s go help the others.” Knuckles congratulated. We headed back toward the cave in the Tornado. When we got there you couldn’t tell there was a cave.

“What did you do?!” Rouge asked.

Winter and Shadow smiled. “Nothing.”

“Really?” She said.

“Well…he was kidda asking for it.”

“That doesn’t answer the question.”

“He…had the Chaos Emeralds and Crystals-”

“These two used Chaos Control at the same time, that’s what they did!” Sonic finished the sentence. Rouge, Knuckles and I looked at them with huge eyes. The two just shrugged.

“Where’s Eggman?” Knuckles asked.

“Funny you should ask that, Knuckles, I didn’t think you’d care!” Eggman chuckled.

“Thought I was down?” That hedgehog laughed.

‘Shoot, he’s going to try to kill me…because I tried to kill him…ok, maybe that’s fair.’

“We’ll take care of the hedgehog, you guys deal with Eggman!” Shadow hissed. Nobody argued with Shadow. This hedgehog’s whole body was on fire, and he was flying! He flew off, Winter and Shadow followed.

“Silver, hold the Mech still while I drop bombs on it.” Tails whispered.

“I’ll try.” I concentrated on the Mech.

“Great work!”

The other began hitting the Mech over and over. After a while the Mech broke free. It shot missiles at us, as usual. “Come on Eggman, you’ve got to get something better as any attack, this is getting boring!” Sonic complained.

[Shadow’s view of things]

“Why don’t you stop running and start fight?” I growled.

“If you insist.” He chuckled.

“Chaos Shield!” She turned to me. “For goodness sake Shadow, you’re playing into his hands!”

“What are you talking about?” I asked.

“When you’re angry you can’t think straight, he knows that and uses it to his advantage!”

“How do you know that?”

“Because, this isn’t the first time I’ve faced him, I played into his hands the first time, and now I have dark energy inside me.” She explained.

I didn’t know what to say. I’d heard of dark energy, but never believed it to be true. It was said to be very hard to control, and the person with it is fighting a constant battle. I just nodded. She sighed. “I shouldn’t have snapped at you like that.” I didn’t answer, I wasn’t very good at these types of thing, and I could tell she wasn’t either.

[Winter’s view of things]

I don’t know why I snapped at Shadow, I just did. “Let’s just get this over with.”

“You know you two have proven more challenging than I thought.” He said.

“Chaos Blast, Chaos Spear!”

“Chaos Freeze!” I exclaimed. He snickered and created a fire sword. Shadow looked at me. I made my ice sword. “Fight him from behind.” I whispered. He nodded, and teleported.

“Looks like your friend ditched you, Winter.” He laughed.

“Looks like it-it’s just you and me.” I smiled. He charged sword in front of him. The sword fight began. It was fast pace, which is my favorite pace.

“So, how’s the dark energy working for you?” He asked.

“Oh, it’s working just fine.” I answered.


The moment he said that I could feel the energy creeping up, I ignored it and kept fighting. Shadow appeared beside the hedgehog and tripped him. “Ops, I’m sorry.” He mocked. He looked at me, I nodded. He took off two inhibitor rings, I did the same.

“WH-What are you doing?” The hedgehog asked.

“Chaos Blast!”

“Chaos Destroy!” I exclaimed. This wasn’t a chaos attack, this was an attack powered by my dark energy, which is stronger. Shadow and I stood there, the hedgehog was nowhere to be seen.

“What was that?” He asked amazed.

“Oh, that, that was dark energy at work.” I answered. He looked at me. I shrugged. Suddenly there was an explosion, and everything went white.

[Not on Mobius]

It had been over a year since it had happened, the liveliest day of their lives. They were standing outside looking at the night sky. A flash of light filled the night sky.

“Northern Lights?” One asked.

“Guess so.” The other answered. ‘It reminds me of something else, though.’

A Grand Adventure-Book 2. Part 9.

[At G.U.N Headquarters]

“Only two hours till Angel Island falls!” An agent said with worry.

“Rouge. What’s the progress on the Master Emerald?” The Commander asked.

“We’ve located it, we are going to get it now.”

Cheers broke out in the whole room. “You only have two hours.” The Commander warned.

“We’ll be quick, don’t worry.”

“Don’t hesitate if you need back up!” He answered.

“Cause we’re all going to need to is that Master Emerald isn’t back on Angel Island soon.” An agent whispered to another agent behind the Commander’s back.

[Tails’ view of things]

Knuckles and Rogue were making a plan, and I started to understand why they always looked to Sonic, Shadow or Winter for one…they’re not very good at it. “How about I distract Eggman and you two get the Master Emerald to Angel Island.” I interrupted.

“You shouldn’t take on Eggman alone.” Rouge answered.

“No, sure he can, Tails is tougher than he looks-but if he needs back-up he’ll call, right?” Knuckles said.

“Yes, of course.” I said nodding my head. She gave us each a face.


“Yes!” I whispered.

I ran into the cave. I was hiding in a crack in the roof, I was looking around. “There’s a door at the far side of the room.”

“That’s where the gems are.” Knuckles whispered through the radio.

“Ok, I’ve hooked up to his computer network, setting off alarm system…now!”

“Intruders is sector 4, intruders in sector 4, all units sector 4!” The computer said.

I didn’t see Eggman anywhere. “Coast cleared,” I informed.

“Alright, let’s get this show on the road.”

I saw Rogue and Knuckles sneak into the room with the Master Emerald inside. ‘Now to see where everyone is.’ I had hacked into Eggman’s cameras and could see everything, like the robots headed to Sector 4, Rogue and Knuckles-and Eggman headed right towards me! I crawled back into the crack.

“Blasted computer! There are no intruders in Sector 4!” Eggman yelled. He started looking around, I knew he had caught on.

“Rogue, Knuckles…Eggman’s on to us.” I whispered.

“We’re having a set back here to…” Rogue answered.

“You’re going to have to hold him back, you can do it.” Knuckles replied.

‘Alright Tails, you can do this! You can do this!’ I reassured myself. I flew down and landed feet away from him.

“Tails! Where are you friends, you could have come alone?” He asked.

“I came alone.” I answered plainly.

“Really? Well, your mistake.” He laughed. Then Orbot and Q-bot pushed in another Mech. “Behold the Hyper-Prototype 3!”

“Another? Why?” I sighed.

“Why not? You know what they say, practice makes perfect-enough talk, Tails meet your doom!”

‘I hope not…’ I flew into the air. I started dropping bombs on the glass dome of the Egg-O-Matic. I didn’t do anything, but I needed to buy Rogue and Knuckles more time.

[Knuckles’ view of things]

Getting into the room was easy, finding the Master Emerald was easy, getting the Master Emerald…not so much. We had alerted robots already station in the room, and the Master Emerald was in a laser shield with a coded lock. “Knuckles, keep those robots off my back, while I try to figure out this lock!”

So that’s what I was doing, kicking some-ok, a lot of metallic butt. “Rogue, Knuckles…Eggman’s on to us.” Tails whispered.

“You’re going to have to hold him back, you can do it.” I replied.

“We’ve got to hurry!” Rogue called.

‘Well if you think about it, you need to hurry, I’m just keeping them off ya.’ It seemed like an endless amount of robots were in this room. ‘Would you all just die?!’ I punched through what seemed like the last robot. ‘Thank you.’ But of course, I spoke to soon. ‘Oh for the-come on!! Eggman, why so many darn robots?!’ “Rouge are you almost done?” I asked.

“Almost…” she answered. Then there was a high pitched buzzing sound. The robots went haywire!

‘Great, just great, the last thing I needed, these robots to be running and attacking like they’re stupid!’ Then the craziest thing I had ever seen in my entire life happened.