A Cross-Over like no Other. Part 15.

[Sonic’s view of things]

“Look out!” Tails called. A robot nearly gave me a haircut!

“No thanks, I got one yesterday!” I joked as I homing attacked on it.


I looked around the room frantically. I spotted him waving his hand, I ran over. “A Chaos Emerald!” He smiled.

“Told ya he would have them.” I answered.

We turned, more robots. I ran into a few, and Tails dropped a few bombs, we great aim…thankfully. But than a big one entered the huge room, it was the one Mech, and one crazy doctor. “Eggman!” I called. I automatically got in front of Tails.

“What did I tell you about trespassing?!”

“Yeah well, I don’t care.” I answered.

“Well then, I teach you to care!” He yelled.

‘Me and my big mouth!’ I yelled at myself. ‘Could use some help!’

[Shadow’s view of things]

‘Why?’ That’s what I thought about Sonic’s plan, why did I have to go with the human?! I could tell Silver was a little uneasy as well…and so was Elsa!

“Let’s go!” We all ran to where we needed to be.

We ran into the third building and too the main room. An alarm went off.

“One of us most have set off an alarm!” Elsa yelled over the blaring alarm. My ears were ringing.

“Silver how is it going with that lock?” I yelled.

“About done.”

“Well speed it up!” I ordered. The door suddenly opened. “Thank you!”

“You’re welcome.” He said. We crept into the main room, expecting a Mech…or something. All we got were a little robots.

“Weird…” I said looking around. Suddenly a pack of good sized robot rushed in. Silver put a wall between us and them. “Too close.”

[Silver’s view of things]

‘Shadow can be so impatient!’ I thought as I unlocked the door. “About done.” I answered.

“Well speed it up!” He ordered. The door suddenly opened. “Thank you!”

“You welcome.” I said annoyed.

“Nice work.” Elsa whispered as we walked in. I was stunned. I nodded ‘thanks.’

‘Now when was the last time somebody said that to me…right…when I saved Sonic and Knuckles from the press…but that was ages ago!’ I thought to myself, smiling. There were only about three robots in the room, key word ‘were,’ we destroyed them.

“Weird…” Shadow said looking around the room. Suddenly a pack of bigger robots rushed at us. I put up a barrier. “I can feel a Chaos Emerald.” Shadow said. I was struggling to keep the barrier up.

“I think it’s powering that robot!” I suggested. It was banging on my barrier. My head ached, I was straining myself. “Elsa, Shadow I don’t know how much longer I can-ah, hold this!” I warned.

“Understood. Elsa take care of the robots.”

“What about the one with the Emerald?” She asked.

“I’ll deal with him.” Shadow had that menacing grin on his face. I couldn’t hold it any longer, I let go. Shadow warped me to a railing above the fight. “Stay here until you’re good and ready.” He ordered me then jumped down. I was gasping for breath, my head was spinning…the room was spinning. I had really over done it this time. My ESP (Extra-Sensory Perception) power was super low. I looked down Elsa and Shadow seemed to have everything under control…kidda.