A Cross-Over like no Other. Part 14.

[Anna’s view of things]

‘Scared.’ I answered my own question. I could tell, I didn’t blame them, this was a new world for them.

“What about those…Mechs?” Kristoff asked.

“Oh there we be at least one, and multiple smaller robots.” Silver answered.

“How many men will we need?” The commander asked.

“Men? None. It’s too dangerous, with Elsa’s help it will be a piece of cake.” Sonic answered.

The commander was going to protest, but he didn’t. “But destroying his base will on temporarily stop him.” I said.

“We have a plan for that.” Rogue replied.

“Dr. Eggman most likely has the last six Chaos Emeralds, and that’s all we need to send him and us…back home.” Shadow explained.

‘That’s him, the one who was getting the blankets, the one who disappeared.’ I gasped. I think Elsa notice as well. He was mean looking, though.

“Ok, so we’d better get moving.” Kristoff said. I wasn’t going, I knew that…not like I wanted to go or anything, considering the fact it was dangerous, I just hope nothing goes wrong.

[Sonic’s view of things]

‘It had to be that mountain.’ I sighed. Yup, it was the same mountain Knuckles and I had climbed down before. Now we were climbing back up…again! It wasn’t cold, the sun was high in the sky, and there was no wind. We were riding in Kristoff’s sled, pulled by Sven, the reindeer. I would have ran…but I remembered the river, plus Shadow couldn’t make it up the mountain and fight, he didn’t admit this but we knew, not including Elsa and Kristoff.

“We’re coming up to the frozen river! Hold on!” Kristoff called. Knuckles looked at me with a smile on his face.

“Not funny.” I mouthed. I looked over the edge of the sled, I gripped the edge so hard my hands hurt, we made it! ‘I didn’t get wet this time.’ I reminded myself. We kept going.

“Look! There it is!” Tails said pointing.

“Whoa.” Kristoff gasped. “Piece of cake?”

“That is a big one.” Silver whispered to us.

“Yeah, biggest I ever seen.” Rogue added. “It covers the whole mountain peak!”

“Oh come on guys, we got this!” I encouraged. They nodded. Kristoff stopped behind a huge rock.

“This is as far as I go. Good luck.” He called as we walked off.

“Ok so what’s the plan?” Rogue asked.

[Knuckles’ view of things]

‘Sonic, you had better have a plan!’ The base had four building, you could tell just by looking at it.

“Ok, Rogue and Knuckles take care the first building. Tails and I’ll take care of the second building. Shadow, Elsa and Silver take care of the main room and third room, then we all meet at the fourth.” He ordered.

‘Good…I guess.’ Rogue gave me that smile.

“Let’s go!” We all ran to where we needed to be.

“Ready?” Rogue asked.


She nodded. I punched the door down.

“Nothing!” We both exclaimed. We walked into the room, the lights were on but the room was empty. Suddenly the computer in the room turned on, it was the security system! Soon, the room wasn’t so empty.

“Good, I thought we wouldn’t get to have any fun!” Rogue smiled. I smiled too. There we at least 35 robots to play with.


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