A Cross-Over like no Other. Part 11.

[Shadow’s view of things]

I was leaning against a tree. Tails was right I couldn’t make it, not this time, but he was also right about the Chaos Control.

“I think Sonic should do it, just to be safe.” Rogue said.

“Fine, fine! Let’s just get out of here!” Knuckles said. We could hear and see the fire from the human’s torches.

“SONIC!!” We all yelled.

“Chaos Control!”

‘If I wasn’t this weak I would have killed him!’ I thought to myself.

We appeared in a cave.

“What the heck, Sonic?!” Silver yelled.

“What? I got us out didn’t I?”

“Yeah! And almost gave me a heart attack!” He answered.

“Fine, I’ll admit it was kidda close…but…” Silver gave him a look. “Fine, I won’t do it again.”

“Thanks, you.” He said, taking the Chaos Emerald from him. I chuckled. “What?” Silver asked.

“Heart attack, really Silver, a heart attack?” I answered.

“Fine maybe I was over reacting.” He smiled.

[Elsa’s view of things]

When we got to the camp site they were gone! ‘Where did they go?’

“Foot prints!” A guard called. “Headed into the woods!”

“My queen?” The commander asked.


“Let’s move men!” He called. We headed into the woods. It was dark in the woods, but we had our torches. We could hear them whispering somewhere in the darkness, it started to get louder. We could see them, then;

“Chaos Control!” One yelled. There was a flash of light and they were gone!

‘Just like earlier.’ I thought.

“Again!” The guards exclaimed.

“There is no finding them now.” I said. “Let’s head back.” ‘What am I going to tell Anna?’

[Dr. Eggman’s view of things]

I looked with pride at my new Mech. ‘With this I will rule this world! The Eggman Empire will finally come to be!’ I sighed to myself.

“Doctor?” Orbot interrupted.

“What is it now, you metallic idiot?” I asked.

“We have detected the use of Chaos Control, sir.”

“What?!” I yelled. “Do you know what that means?!”

“That the Chaos Emeralds are here.” Q-bot answered.

“No! Sonic and his friends are here!!” I raved. ‘Sonic! Why?! He could ruin everything!’ I was so angry I couldn’t think straight.

“What do we do, sir?”

“We continue as planned,” I answered plainly.

“Yes sir.”

“You will not stop me this time, Sonic!” I laughed.