A Cross-Over like no Other. Part 7.

[Sonic’s view of things]

I was getting colder by the second. Let me tell you, trying to run in knee high snow, nope, not even I can.

“Almost there.” Knuckles called. I was freezing, and I knew he was too. ‘Come on body, we can do it!’

The wind started blowing against my face. “Knuckles, it too cold and windy we’ll never make it!” I yelled over the wind. Knuckles grabbed my hand.

“We need to stay together, with this wind we’ll get lost.” He said. My body ached, but we kept walking.

[Anna’s view of things]

‘Elsa’s doing her best to hold back attacking, but for how much longer can she keep it up? Anyway blankets aren’t enough to keep warm, not with this wind.’ I shivered. Kristoff took me inside.

“Anna you know there’s nothing we can do.” He said.

‘Yeah. I know. That’s the worst part.’

[Silver’s view of things]

Shadow really did have ice on his back!

“What happened?” Rogue asked.

“I, I don’t know, I didn’t even feel it.” Shadow answered. “When I was getting the blankets, though, ice was appearing out of nowhere.”

“How is that possible?” I asked. He shrugged. I noticed he was shivering, he wasn’t before. Tails and Rogue looked worried.

[Shadow’s view of things]

I felt…weird, cold, weak, and dizzy, all at the same time. I couldn’t feel my legs. My vision fuzzed. Suddenly, I couldn’t stand. I collapsed on the snow covered floor. My vision cleared.

“Shadow? Shadow?” Tails was flying above my head. I tried to sit up, but I was so weak. Tails covered me with blankets. It didn’t help.

“Where are Silver and Rogue?” I asked.

“Rogue went back on lookout, and Silver…I don’t know where Silver went.” He answered.

I groaned. ‘Silver you are…stupid…oh, so very stupid! How could you leave Tails here alone?!’ My head was throbbing. “Tails if the humans find us, run, ok run, and forget me.” I ordered. He didn’t answer. ‘Let’s just hope they don’t.’


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  1. ‘Silver you are…stupid…oh, so very stupid! How could you leave Tails here alone?!’

    You should be a comedian! 🙂
    When are the Sonic characters going to interact with the characters from Frozen? 😉

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