Happy Earth Day!

I’d like to wish you all a Happy Earthy Earth Day.

It’s raining here all day, so I didn’t really enjoy the Earth today, but I hope you did! 🙂  Now, what Earth Day means to me? Well, that a easy one. Earth Day reminds us that this is our planet, our home, like you clean and care for you house, (I hope you do), is how we should take care of our home’s home…our planet Earth.

Just think about it, with our pollution, cutting down trees, global warming, we are destroying our homes! Sure the effects won’t effect us, or our children of our great-great-grandchildren, but it will affect the human race, eventually. Earth Day is about us, coming together for the greater good. It shows what we can do if we work together, not against.

And that’s what Earth Day means to me.