A Cross-Over like no Other

[Present day on the planet Mobius]

It was a sunny summer’s day. The sun had just began to rise when one, three foot, dark blue, teenaged hedgehog got out of bed. ‘Perfect day to do some running’!’ He thought, looking out his window. After the coldest winter in a long time it felt good to have the sun’s rays on his back, and to run without his feet freezing. He was trying to break his own speed record…again, but something caught his attention, ‘What’s that?’ He asked himself.

Something was forming over the ocean, something big. ‘It had to be over the ocean, didn’t it?!’ He thought.

[Sometime in a faraway land]

“Elsa, come on!” Anna called.

“Anna, we’ve got lots of time,” she laughed.

Anna smiled. The two sisters were the best of friends. But things were very different a few months ago…very different, but the problem was resolved, now Queen Elsa and Princess Anna were the rulers of Arendelle. It was a cold winter’s day, the coldest ever recorded. Kristoff was waiting for the two at the castle gate, with Sven and Olaf.

“My queen, and princess,” he joked, bowing. Elsa and Anna giggled. He stood up and smiled. A gust of wind blew against them.

Anna shivered, “Boy, is it cold!”

[Present day on the planet Mobius]

“Whoa, Sonic, what is that?” His friend Tails asked. Sonic shrugged.

“Whatever it is can’t be good.” The two friends watched as it grew rapidly.

“Wow.” A gust of ice cold wind blew against then…all went white.

[Sometime in a faraway land]

A flash of light filled the night sky, “Northern Lights?” Anna asked.

“No…I don’t think so,” Elsa said.

“What are Northern Lights?” Olaf asked, with big eyes. Kristoff tried to explain, but then seeing Olaf’s blank face, stopped. A commotion can for the center of the village.

“My queen,” castle guard began, “We have captured…a…unique…fox.”



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