A Cross-Over like no Other. Part 5.

[Sonic’s view of things]

‘Almost there. Almost-ahhh!’ “Water!” I yelled.

“Right you can’t swim.” Knuckles remembered. “Can’t you run across the ice?”

“And risk falling into the water, freezing water…are you crazy…no way!” I answered, taking a step back.

“Fine! I’ll just leave you here then.” He answered, from the other side.

“Fine, I’ll run across!” I called back. ‘I hate you Knuckles!’ I thought as I started running. I could feel the ice cracking under my feet, I started running faster. But the ice cracked quicker. Knuckles grabbed my hand before I sank into the river…but I still got wet.

“Told you, you could make it.” He said.

“Really?! I would have drowned if you hadn’t grabbed me!” I raved. “Thanks, by the way.”

“No problem.” We started running.

[Tails’ view of things]

Silver did make a good point.

“Well, at least there’s no Dr. Eggman.” Shadow said. We all agreed.

“That’s the only thing that could make this worse than it already is.” I added. We all heard something. Shadow and Silver got ready to fight.

“Rogue?!” We all said, shocked.

“Hi. Would you just look at this place?” She answered.

“Or her.” Silver whispered to Shadow. He nodded. “How’d you find us?”

“Hey, these ears aren’t for show ya know.” She answered.

“Ok. So, Silver, myself, Shadow, Rogue, and possibly Sonic, are all here.” I said.

“So you guys know anything about this place?” Rogue asked.

“No. Rogue, we don’t.” Silver answered.

[Rogue’s view of things]

‘Well, they sure are rays of sunshine aren’t they?’

“No, really know what?” Silver asked. “Are we just going to stand here on the outskirts of a human village?”

“Humans?” I asked.

“Yes, and they’re not very nice to talking animals.” Tails answered.

“How do you know?” Silver and I asked.

“You think he’s with me, just because?!” Shadow began. “I had to save him from them that’s how we know.”

“Um…yeah.” Silver said.

I rolled my eyes. ‘Boys.’

[Knuckles’ view of thing]

‘Sonic can be such a baby.’

“Did you hear something?” Sonic asked. We stopped. It sound like voices. We looked at each other, wide eyed.

‘Humans! Why?’ I groaned. Sonic pulled me under a snow covered bush.

“Where did they go?” One asked.

“The disappeared!” The other replied.

“Should we go back to camp and tell the others?”

“Yeah. I’m freezing.” The others said. We watched as they walked by.

“Are they gone?” Sonic asked.

“I think so.” I peeked. “Yeah, they’re gone.”

“They were looking for us, hello!” Sonic reminded.

“Yes, Sonic, I heard them, thank you!” I answered, somewhat annoyed. Then, I realized why he said that. “You don’t think…” he nodded. ‘You’ve got to be kidding me! If more of us are here the humans are going to think we are dangerous, and we all know what that means.’ I thought.

“So what now, we know that’s a human village?” Sonic asked.

“We keep going.” I answered plainly.

 [Sonic’s view of things]

“Are you crazy?!” I almost yelled.

“If more of us are here, they would be looking for heat too, so that’s where we should go.” Knuckles answered.

“Fine, but we stay out of sight!” I replied. Knuckles shrugged. ‘Sometimes I don’t understand Knuckles.’

We started to run. It was freezing! I couldn’t feel my fingers.


8 thoughts on “A Cross-Over like no Other. Part 5.

  1. This is slap stick comedy…good comedy, loads better then Sonic Boom’s…you do know what that is right?

    Also, when Shadow said, ‘no dr. eggman’ did you mean to say eggman’s not in this story?! Who’s gonna be the villain?! Hans…please no! 😮

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  2. I have a problem with the frozen river part, Sonic is the fastest thing alive! He should’ve be able to run faster than breaking ice! 😦

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