Ming China What Can We Learn From Them?


Chinese Exploration and Isolation

Cause Effect
Ming emperors disallowed foreign trade. They thought the Portuguese were barbarians.
The emperors didn’t allow trade with other nations. Chinese citizens who made goods for trade lost income.
Ming emperors desire to show the greatness of their rule and to collect tribute. Zheng He’s expeditions began.
The Portuguese wanted to buy silk, but their textiles weren’t as good as Chinese. Chinese require payment in gold and silver.
Ming leaders ban ships with more than two masts. There will be no further construction of ships. Chinese expeditions stop.
The Chinese thought the Portuguese were barbarians. The Chinese keep close control over contact with Europeans.

What can modern nations learn from the Ming Dynasty?

What the nations of today can learn from the Ming Dynasty is getting to know your neighbors and trading with other nations is important. If the United States of America stopped trade, oh, we’d be in BIG, and I mean BIG trouble! We wouldn’t have oil, which means no gas, or power. The debt we own to China would take its tool, in fact we could even have another Great Depression!