Troubling Times

The past months have been hard for me, no not with school, but a trouble within myself. I’ve been a war with myself. My faith is being tested in a way I didn’t image possible!😣 This was part of the reason I stopped posting for some time, it is like a dark cloud is hovering over my head. I know it will pass… but when??? It’s been so long!😣😣😣😣😢

I mean sure, I’ve had so bad days, days, not months! Come on, how much can a 12 year old girl take?!


NEED came a while ago..

Loud Thoughts Voiced Out

It’s a dream. A dream many would find so simple. But in his world, it’s a big one. His mom picked up a third job to help him. His dad works all day, everyday, to try and give him what he wants. He puts in so much effort. He wants to make his parents proud. He wants to give them a better life, a better world. He repeats his mantra to himself every morning, I’m going to turn this around for them. I can! Or rather,

He could have.

Today, the world teaches you to think “positively” and turn yourself away from the face of negativity. We’ve become so focused on this that our positive thinking is now just ignorance towards the things that matter. And I don’t know how to make sense to a bunch of people that break the internet over something as irrelevant as a photograph of a dress…

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