Chapter 8: Walking Home and Chapter 9: What’s the Big Deal?

I took the short way home, today. I was accompanied by Mercy. The other kids stared. Mercy ignored it and we kept walk. My cell buzzed I took it out of jean pocket. It was a text from Dad. He was asking if I was taking the long way home. I wrote back “no,” and that I should be home soon.

I didn’t tell him about Mercy. I don’t know why. “Everything ok?” Mercy asked.

I nodded. “Yeah. It was my dad.” She nodded.

Chapter 9: What’s the Big Deal?

I could see my dad’s face, when he saw Mercy. I sighed to myself. “Mercy, this is my Dad. Dad this is Mercy.”

“Nice to meet you, Mr. Rose.”

“Nice to meet you, Mercy!” My father answered shaking her hand. “So you girls going to work together on your homework?”

“Dad! It’s day two! We still don’t have homework!” I answered.

“Oh,” he said putting his hand on his face, laughing, “So, what are you going to do?”

“If it’s ok with you, Mr. Rose-“

“Call me David.”

“Ok, David. If it’s ok with you, can we go for a bike ride.”

“You want to take my little girl from me?!” He joked. We laughed. “Yes, you can go. Just be home before dinner.” Mercy ran across the street to get her bike. I ran to my bike. It was blue decorated with flowers, and the fenders were pink. Mercy’s bike was green with peace signs, all over.


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